If you also have a 786 digit rating, earn lakhs in minutes, see sale date

New Delhi: 786 Note Price: You will have many notes, you already know that after the exchange of notes, many new notes have arrived. And some people also like to collect old and new banknotes, and some people also collect coins that are several years old. And nowadays very good old coins are used in online marketing. But do you know that if you have a 786 digit note or coin, you can earn millions of rupees in exchange. You must be wondering what is special about this number that gets such high rates from this rating. There are many people who like to collect banknotes and coins and they also find specialties there. Nowadays, 786-digit banknotes or coins are sold indiscriminately.

Let us tell you that it is such a number that has been seen in very few banknotes and coins, so this digital banknote or coin remains the people’s choice. Let me tell you If you have 786 banknotes or coins, their value is at least ₹30,000 to ₹100,000. At present, the auction of old banknotes and coins is done in many online platforms, if you also have old banknotes and coins, hurry and send them by registering in the portal by line.

It is important to have the number 786 on this note.

The tractor should also be made on it

It becomes very easy for you to get up to two lakh rupees in exchange for this note.

The note with the serial number 786 in the note is considered very valuable.

The older the coin, the more valuable it is.

If you have a ₹5 note, you can earn between ₹30,000 and ₹500,010 from that note. If you have a ₹5 coin, you can take at least ₹40,000. Along with that, if you have a running 25 paise coin for the first time. And if there is an image of a unicorn on it, or the seal of Maa Vaishno Devi is imprinted, then this coin can earn you up to one crore. Even if you have old coins of 1 paise, 2 paise, 5 paise, 10 paise, 20 paise or 50 paise, you can still earn a lot of money.

First, you need to go to www.ebay.com. After that, you need to register as a seller, after taking a clear photo of the note, you can upload it to the website. After that, whoever is interested in buying this note,

He will contact you so that you can sell him the notes

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