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She is back! Modest police officer or undercover agent, we do not understand what to call her, but she is sure that she is no ordinary girl. Yes, we are talking about the same foreign country, which you saw in 2020. The first season of the series has not been discussed much. However, it has definitely been seen among those who enjoy watching crime, thriller drama. The creator and screenwriter of this web series was Imtiaz Ali. The direction was provided by Arif Ali and Avinash Das. This time too, these three did their second season together, She Season 2…

It is not necessary to sit in the heart, because the story is very short. It’s just dragging on.

What’s the story?
The story begins with the same minor constable who is behind the nayak, the king of the drug mafia. You’ll have to watch this web series to find out how she makes herself a smart, cunning, and unsuspecting drug mafia kingpin. No one saw the hero except the earthly stranger. Taking advantage of this and playing on his life, a modest policeman finally does what is easily imagined.

The land belongs neither to the police nor to the hero. Bhumi knows very well how to keep them both in the same scale and weigh them equally. That’s why she completely changes the story with her wit and quick wit. Here, Bhumi traps the hero in his net and reverses the Ganges. On the other hand, she becomes a real-life “hero” herself by dodging the police. The real land belongs to no one except himself. Bhumi manages her personal life, her family, her police work, her hero and her prostitution racket on her own. However, in the middle of the story, you will see the story, ‘Police, behind the hero and the land, behind the sex.’

Who is Aditi? After appearing in Imtiaz Ali’s web series, whose discussions are

How was the management?
We now come to the realization and the narration. So it didn’t look like anything special. However, an attempt was made to give desipan to it. Like living in the lime was shown, an indigenous language was used, sex was shown openly, abuse was heard, a good message of female power was given, if there is only one shortage, so complete the story by telling the story at the right time. to do. I didn’t see any point in keeping each episode 50-55 minutes. The story is drawn, together you can predict it as soon as you see it, that’s for sure. You will understand very easily what will happen in the end. In the real sense of the word, in the business of seduction, Bhumi had come to catch the foreign king of the drug mafia, but she remained a part of this business.

The story is nothing special. Quite scattered. The sudden scenes will make you think for once about how to relate it to the story you’ve shown. It must be said that this web series will certainly send you a beautiful message in the end.

Well done styling
Bhumi is definitely a foreign constable, but a lot of work has been done on her style to put her in the seduction business. A class was shown in its own way. This time Bhumi wasn’t shown in a police uniform just once, but yes, efforts were made to keep her look simple with a bohemian chic style.

The character of the land is strong
The earth breaks, smashes, recovers, arranges itself and finally tells that even a woman is no less than anyone. He just doesn’t get equal rights in society. In police work, in the eyes of the husband, the value of the land was not understood in the family, but he earned respect in the world of crime. I have respect. The earth has made this world its own. Supported the women present here and became the Messiah for them.

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The role of the protagonist is played by Kishore Kumar. You will get a sharp view of the face, a different attitude and clarity of mind in his character. Vishwas Kini played the role of ACP Fernandez. Sharp with brains, the wits to handle the operation, and the ability to get the pulse of the case, Vishwas seemed the best for this character. The role of Bhumi Pardeshi is played by Aditi Pohankar. Aditi’s confidence was clearly visible on Aditi’s face to move forward smartly in life alone. It looks like maybe Aditi was made for this character. He did him complete justice. No big faces were cast in the star cast. Good at work and the best casting was decided based on the series.

Why watch and why not watch?
You can see everything in this web series. Good, bad, crime, police, human being, a light line between man and man, law, seduction business, fear, every moment of fear of losing life, seeing all this, there will have a very mixed feeling. Bhumi will be seen as a girl who knows she has power, but she just doesn’t know how to control it. This power changes everything in him.

If you have more time, just spend your time in this web series. Give seven hours of life to this web series in a thoughtful way. Otherwise, the story is quite predictable, you will understand by reading the review.

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