My story: In my room, I saw my wife with another man, which I blame myself for
I am a married man. I served in the Indian Army for a long time. I have devoted my whole life to the security of my country. It’s because when I was 6, my dad started training me to be active and strong. He wanted me to serve Mother India like him. In fact, my father was an army officer. It is thanks to them that strong values ​​such as commitment-courage and perseverance were instilled in me. This is also one of the reasons why after passing the exam, I directly joined the Indian Army.

I have followed a strictly disciplined routine throughout my life. However, at some point, it got too overwhelming for me. But I had no choice but to follow in my father’s footsteps. Yes, during this time, one thing that always kept me close was my childhood friend Naina. (All stock photos – All photos are symbolic, we keep their identities secret in stories shared by users)

the parents accepted our marriage

I first met Naina when we were both in high school. She is a very sweet, bubbly and beautiful girl. When I felt alone on all sides, having lost everything in my life, then he did everything to hold me back. He helped me become the man I am today. However, we are both completely different from each other.

It’s because I’m more of a selfish person or more of an introvert while Naina likes to socialize with people. I like this habit of her that she appropriates each one at every moment. So when I told the parents about our relationship, they happily accepted our marriage and very soon we got married. My story: My husband is no longer interested in me, it’s because of my newborn

i loved him so much

Two weeks into our marriage, I was posted to the town of Silchar in Assam. However, I wanted to enjoy my marriage. I wanted to spend time with Naina. I also wanted to enjoy my happiness, but because of my duty I had to give up all those things. Maybe it’s also because I didn’t want to disappoint my father. I packed my bags the next day and left for Assam.

Days, weeks and months have passed since I was assigned to Silchar. Naina kept calling to meet me. But I didn’t have a single chance to meet him. Instead of calling him, I started writing him letters like the good old days. Although we used to talk via video call, but even after that I continued to write letters to him. Yes, it’s another matter that he never received an answer to the letters that were sent to me. But I still loved him very much. My Story: I fell in love with my daughter’s badminton coach, but a fear held me back

It’s been a year and a half since I last met Naina

It had been almost a year and a half since I last met Naina. The pain of being away from him tormented me every moment. I wanted to go back to him. But alas, I had to be honest with my duty. However, after a year and a half and 2 months, I was lucky enough to return home for 2 weeks. I was very happy. Naina was waiting for me with a smile on her face. I felt very relieved to see him.

The first days spent with him were completely wonderful. But after a day or two, I noticed that he was very upset. She looks a little different to me. Although I couldn’t understand his problem, but it’s also true that I didn’t want to waste my happy time thinking about the sad times. So I did everything to make him happy. My story: I married a 40-year-old boss and I feel that my decision is the right one

I didn’t tell him I was coming

After meeting Naina, I resumed the assignment for 8 months. My time has passed painfully at the borders. Although the campaign was my first duty as an army officer, my only motivation was the idea of ​​returning to Naina. Due to work, my letters with Naina were short. We didn’t even talk much over video calls anymore. So when I got home the second time, I was determined to talk to him.

However, this time I had planned to surprise him. I didn’t tell him I was going home. I was delighted to imagine the happiness on his face. My story: my cousin’s brother-in-law started touching me inappropriately, to which my husband said, don’t take it seriously

I saw her with another man

After I finished all my work, I went home. As soon as I reached my home in Aligarh, I saw clothes lying around. Everything in the house seemed a mess. I put my bag in a corner and, taking a bouquet of flowers in my hand, headed for the bedroom. When I opened the bedroom door, I saw Naina with another man. They both slept together.

Seeing them, the bouquet fell from my hand onto the floor. I sounded the alarm and scared them both away. Naina is shocked to see me. I went back to the main door but Naina shouted “I’m sorry”.

His betrayal had hurt me so much that I completely refused to talk to him. I took a room in a hotel. After that, his endless calls haunted me. But I cried a lot. My wife whom I loved with all my heart was cheating on me. My story: My husband’s aunt made my marriage hell, she won’t let us spend the night together

i can never forgive myself

After several phone calls, I took his call. She cried that she was completely alone after I left. His loneliness led him to cheat on me. She was asking forgiveness in front of me. I couldn’t even say anything to him after listening to his words. It’s because I feel like if I hadn’t been in the military, I would have led a normal life. I could be with him everyday.

If I had been there, he would never have cheated on me. After this incident, my resolve to fight for my country as an army officer began to dwindle. I wanted to change jobs, but the idea of ​​disappointing my father stopped me. I don’t know which direction my life will take me. But I have never been able to forgive Naina or myself for the situation I find myself in today. My story: my mother-in-law sees me with my tenant, but she hasn’t said anything

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