Rakhi Sawant showed off the luxurious Dubai home in the video, said 'I will be shocked to see the room'

Rakhi Sawant showed off the luxurious Dubai home in the video, said 'I will be shocked to see the room'

Actress Rakhi Sawant is making headlines these days for her feud with ex-husband Ritesh. Meanwhile, he shared a video on his Instagram account showing a glimpse of his luxury home in Dubai. We can see in the video that this Rakhi house is very beautiful and adorable.

rakhi sawant

Rakhi shows every part of his house, from the bedroom to the bathroom, in this video. At the start of the video, she is seen singing the song “Yeh Tera Ghar Yeh Mera Ghar”. Then she said, “Do you want to see my luxury apartment in Dubai?”

rakhi sawant

Rakhi’s ‘Ghar Wale’ can be seen in this video that his apartment is really luxurious. In this luxurious Rakhi house, the luxurious chandeliers, sparkling lights, bright colors and beautiful furniture look very beautiful. The “centre of attraction” of this house is the bedroom, which is truly magnificent. Rakhi herself is also seen saying in the video that you will be shocked to see my room.

rakhi sawant

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Giving a glimpse of every corner of his beautiful apartment, Rakhi said, “You will be shocked to see my room. You don’t have to do anything coming here, just grab two bags and come stay.” You are also watching this video.

For your information, let us tell you that a month ago Rakhi Sawant was spotted outside a showroom of a luxury vehicle. Here, when asked by the paparazzi, will she get a car?, the actress said that she has no 50-60 lakh rupees, from which she can buy a new car for herself- same. After that, recently, he shared a video of his new BMW car. Before anyone could ask questions, he said he got this car as a gift.

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On the work front, as of now, there is no news of Rakhi working in any project. She was last seen in “Bigg Boss Season 14”. Her journey on the show was amazing and she was the runner up. However, she walked out with Rs 14 lakh at the end of the show. He had said that he had to undergo surgery for his mother and he had no money for his mother’s treatment. That’s why he thought it better to quit the series by taking 14 lakhs. Rakhi had said, “There is nothing greater to me than my mother. Not even the winner’s trophy, which is why I walked out with cash when I had the chance.

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At the moment, we were very fond of this Rakhi house in Dubai. So what do you have to say about it? Tell us by commenting, as well as if you have any advice for us, then definitely give it.

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