Ravi Kishan's daughter wants to join the army, the actor himself revealed while sharing the photo

Ravi Kishan: Recently, the Agneepath program was announced by the central government. In this context, the young people of the country will be recruited into the armed forces for a period of 4 years. Meanwhile, Bharatiya Janata Party leader and actor Ravi Kishan reacted to this scheme by Modi government. Under which Ravi Kishan tells that his daughter Ishita Shukla also wants to join the army by being part of this Agneepath program.

Ravi Kishan’s daughter wants to join the army

On Tuesday, the Modi government announced that under the Agneepath scheme, young people across the country would have the opportunity to join the military for a limited time. After that, the discussion of this scheme became very fast everywhere. Meanwhile, actor Ravi Kishan tweeted on his official Twitter account and spoke about his daughter’s wish. Ravi Kishan wrote in his tweet that my daughter Ishita wants to join the Agneepath army recruitment program this morning. After hearing this, I told him to go ahead son. In the photo, you can see Ravi Kishan’s daughter holding the NCC Cadet Certificate in her hand. However, after this tweet from Ravi Kishan, he was targeted by trolls.

Ravi Kishan gets trolled

Ravi Kishan is being trolled a lot on social media over his daughter’s joining the Agneepath program. People react differently to his tweet. A Twitter user tweeted at this post by Ravi and wrote, “Just think about those poor guys, working hard for years, for a government job.” Or be hired on a 4-year employment contract. Many other users also highly praise Ravi Kishan for his daughter’s enlistment in the military.

Great things related to Agneepath Recruitment Program:-

– Recruitment in the army will only be for four years. During these four years, he will be known as Agniveer.

After four years, military benefits will be reviewed. After the review, the services of 25% of Agniveers will be extended. The remaining 75% will be retired.

A four-year job will also include six months of training.

Age 17½ to 21 will be eligible for Agniveer

Army and Navy women will also have the chance to become an Agniveer.

Agniveers will receive an annual salary package of 4.76 lakhs, or about 30,000 per month. In the fourth year, this package will be 6.92 lakhs. Apart from that, Risk and Hardship Allocation will also be available for regions like Siachen.

After retirement, the pension will not be available, but a lump sum will be paid. This amount was named Service Fund Package. Under this, an amount of 11.7 lakh will be available after retirement. This service fund package was created with the contribution of 30% of Agniveer’s salary and the same amount from the government. This service fund package will be fully exempt from income tax.

– If an Agniveer Veergati is reached during the service, his family will receive aid of one crore. Along with this, the family will also receive the salary for the remaining Agniveer service.

If an Agniveer becomes disabled during the service, he will receive an amount of 44 lakhs and will also receive the salary of the remaining service.

The particularity will be that from now on the regiments of the army will not be recruited according to caste, religion and region, but will be recruited as a compatriot. That is, young people of any caste, religion and region can apply for any regiment. In fact, infantry regiments in the army have been established since the time of the British such as Sikhs, Jats, Rajputs, Gorkhas, Dogras, Kumaon, Garhwal, Bihar, Naga, Rajputana-Rifles (Rajrif), Jammu and Kashmir Light Infantry (Jackalai), Jammu-Kashmir Rifles (Jackrif) etc. All these regiments are prepared on the basis of caste, class, religion and region. There is only one such independence regiment, the Guards Regiment which was established on the basis of All India All Class. But now it is believed in the Agniveer plan that all regiments in the army will be based on the All India All class. That is, any young person in the country can apply for any regiment. Since independence, it has been considered a major defense reform in the defense sector.

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