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  • Nifty has beaten almost 2000 points this year
  • Market plagued by sales after October

Stock markets around the world are currently in the grip of a sell-off. The Indian stock market is not spared from this either. Factors such as massive sales by foreign investors (REITs), rising inflation, fear of recession, etc. give the market no chance to recover. BSE Sensex and NSE Nifty are trading under pressure even today. Nifty has lost nearly 4% in the past five days. So far this year, Nifty has lost around 2,000 points or 11%. Due to the continued decline, many investors are panicking by selling their holdings. However, many experts view this market drop as a good opportunity to buy quality stocks. They believe it’s time to hang on and buy a new one.

Kishor Ostwal, CMD of brokerage firm CNI Research, believes the recent drop has provided a good opportunity for investing in the stock market. Ostwal also claimed that even after raising the interest rate, the market will now rise. He said that there are currently many such sectors, the purchase of shares of which can give good returns in the times to come. He said buying stocks related to sugar and wheat is a profitable trade. He also talked about five such stocks in which to invest now can be wise.

Titan: This company’s share of the Tata Group has been in modest strength in today’s business. However, it has dropped over the past five days, one month, six months and so far this year. Over the past six months, this stock has fallen about 10%. Since January of this year, its price has fallen by more than 16%. Its 52-week high is at Rs 2,768, while it is currently trading around Rs 2,100. In this way, this stock becomes a favorite in the ‘Buy The Dip’ list.

Asian paintings: The price of this blue-chip stock has just fallen by around Rs 1000 from the all-time high. This stock once peaked at Rs 3,590 but is currently trading around Rs 2,650. , it fell by 19.50%. In the last month itself, this stock has fallen more than 11%.

InfosysIndia’s second-largest IT company, Infosys Limited, was an investor favourite. Even today, the stock of this IT company is down as much as 1.50% and is hovering around Rs 1,420. At one point, the price of this stock had peaked at Rs 1,953.90 . Infosys’ stock has fallen more than 25% since January this year. Likewise, it has decreased by about 18% in the last six months.

Renuka sugar: In the current era of global food crisis, sugar has risen the most after wheat. For this reason, the Indian government has imposed restrictions on the export of sugar after wheat. The government wants there to be sufficient availability of sugar on the domestic market and prices not to increase. Other than that, due to the government’s focus on ethanol, sugar company stocks are showing better prospects for the coming times. Today, the price of this stock is around Rs 50 with around one percent strength. It is also down about 23% from its peak.

Navigate: Steel Authority of India Limited is part of the Navratnas. The changing geopolitical situation has also increased the importance of metals, especially steel stocks. The government has increased export duties to curb prices in the domestic market. Its price has also dropped by around one percent in today’s business. On the other hand, its price broke more than 50% from the all-time high. Already reached Rs 145.90, this title is currently trading around Rs 70.

(Warning: There are many types of risks associated with investing in the stock market. Before investing in the stock market, you should do your own research or consult your personal finance advisor.)

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