IPL Media Rights: TV Disney Star to Air on Digital Viacom18, IPL Media Rights Deal Completed for 44,075 Crores
Disney Star on Monday won the TV rights to the Indian subcontinent’s biggest cricket league IPL for Rs 23,575 crore in a media rights auction on Monday, while Viacom18 won the digital rights with a bid of Rs 20,500 crore. BCCI has become the kuber of the sports world after selling its IPL TV and digital rights for the Indian subcontinent for Rs 44,075 crore.

A senior BCCI official said: “Star has retained the Indian TV rights to IPL for the next five years, while Viacom18 has secured the digital rights. The combined value per game of Indian TV and digital rights per game is 1075 crore. With these deals, a broadcaster’s monopoly in the IPL comes to an end.

Package A (Indian Subcontinent Television Rights) for 410 IPL matches over five seasons from 2023 to 2027 was sold for Rs 23,575 crore, effectively Rs 57.5 crore per game. However, it was the Indian subcontinent’s digital rights that won the deal struck with an offer of Rs 50 crore per play by Viacom18 (with Uday Shankar and James Murdoch’s Lupa Systems) after being challenged by Star as winner of package A.
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Package B fetched Rs 20,500 crore and thus overall BCCI got richer by Rs 44,075 crore after selling the two packages. When the auction ended on the second day, another Rs 2000 crore was bid for Package C, which has a non-exclusive digital rights deal. The auction, which has moved into day three, will resume with Package C on Tuesday. So far, the board has raised Rs 46,000 crore, which is two and a half times more than the 2018 auction price of Rs 16,347 crore.

The base price for TV was Rs 49 crore while that for digital rights was Rs 33 crore. A BCCI official said, “We have already reached the $5.5 billion mark by selling two packages. But the digital rights worth Rs 50 crore per game are huge. The 51% increase over the base price is unprecedented.

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Here is the breakdown of 410 games in five years:
74 games each for 2023 and 2024. This will increase to 84 games in 2025 and 2026 and 94 games in 2027. In accordance with electronic auction standards, owners are given a secret code by which they bid. None of the managers and employees of BCCI is aware of the codes of the candidate companies. The auction started with an increment of Rs 50 lakh in the initial period and once the winner of package A challenged the highest bidder of package ‘B’, the additional bid price was Rs 1 crore .

No BCCI official could confirm who won the two packages. According to market sources, Viacom18, owned by Reliance, which has formed a consortium with Uday Shankar and James Murdoch’s Lupa Systems, is in the running for the B package. profit from another institution would not be a good business decision.

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