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  • The first film with Salman Khan became a success
  • Took a career break after the movie
  • After years of making his TV debut

Pigeon ja ja ja ja… 33 years old still today the ‘Suman’ of this hit song from the movie Maine Pyaar Kiya still lives in the minds of people with the same innocent face. This character was played by none other than actress Bhagyashree. After this film, Bhagyashree did a few select films and played supporting roles in some. He had put a brake on his career after the marriage. But now, after 33 years, Bhagyashree is making her television debut as a judge in DID Super Moms. Expressing his excitement for this upcoming project, Bhagyashree also answered people’s questions about his career break.

He said in an interview with a news portal that this was the golden phase of his working life. He expressed his joy that people still remember him and it is thanks to him that he is at this point back today. The actress put an end to her acting career after giving a hit movie like Maine Pyar Kiya. Do they regret it? On this question, Bhagyashree laughed and said, “People still ask you these questions. My kids laugh about it. My son Abhimanyu, who promotes his film, says people keep asking the same question. So I told him that I had been responding to people for 33 years.

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Bhagyashree said this during a career break

Continuing his speech, Bhagyashree said, “I have been blessed to take care of my family, and today, as I am almost done with my responsibilities, I get a good job. I am grateful for. My kids have a big hand behind my flight. So there are no regrets because I think I got the best of both worlds.

The opinion of the husband of the actress on her return

What does her husband Himalaya Dasani think of this return from Bhagyashree? Regarding this, the actress said that like children, her husband also wants Bhagyashree to live his dreams as himself.

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Why is Bhagyashree happy to make a comeback on DID Super Moms show?

Bhagyashree will soon be seen in DID Super Moms. On this project, he said, “I have a level of comfort with the creators of the show and the channel because many years ago I worked in one of their shows Jaan. That’s when I started working again after ‘Maine Pyaar Kiya’. On the other hand, Super Moms is a show full of positivity and I think we all need something happy and positive. Due to being a negative wife on many reality shows, I stayed away from them. For a long time, I didn’t want to do reality TV. But this time the question is different. I think women need a platform to show their talent. Not everyone has to be on top, but the point is that she shows courage to stand in front of many people. They do what they are good at, which should be appreciated. I am very happy to be part of this show which gives this platform to women.

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