WWE द्वारा की गई इन गलतियों ने काफी ज्यादा निराश किया

Another episode of WWE Raw is over. The recent episode of Raw saw the rise of the next premium live event, Money in the Bank. Some male and female superstars have also confirmed their place in the Money in the Bank match.

Many terrific competitions and segments were seen in the show. As New Judgment Day cited the reason for Edge’s ousting from their team, the feud between Becky Lynch and Asuka also seemed to escalate. The undisputed Universal Championship between Riddle and Roman Reigns was spectacularly publicized.

Apart from this, Paul Heyman has also added an important condition in the big match to be held on SmackDown. Also in the main event was a pose between US Champion Theory and Bobby Lashley. However, many such mistakes were made in the series, which disappointed the fans a lot. In this article, we will look at these same errors:

#) WWE Raw Main Event

We told you above that the Raw main event saw a pose between Bobby Lashley and Theory, which Lashley ultimately won. This segment was good, but it wouldn’t be wrong to call it the worst choice for a main event if you watch the entire episode of Raw. Veer Mahan vs. Rey Mysterio, Seth Rollins vs. AJ Styles, or Jimmy Uso vs. Montage Ford matches can be booked in the main event. Lashley’s theory and segment could have made it into the midcard and it didn’t disappoint fans either. WWE has given fans big Raw main events for the past few years, but the decision this week was horribly wrong.

#) Ciampa’s WWE booking

Ciampa was drafted to Raw a while back. Their name and theme music have also been changed. However, so far the company has no plans for him and he even faced defeat on Raw this week. Other than that, even Ciampa’s entry wasn’t played which was a big mistake. Ciampa was attacking Ali for no reason until a few weeks ago, and that story was also dropped halfway through. For superstars like Ciampa, bookings like this are quite surprising and WWE will soon have to work on their mistake.

#) How long will Veer Mahan fight The Mysterio Family in WWE?

Veer Mahan has been battling the Mysterio Family since April. This week he took on Rey Mysterio and recorded the biggest victory of his career. Although Veer Mahan was definitely promoted heavily, fans started to get disappointed seeing the same almost every week. No one knows where this story is going and how it will end, it’s also hard to say. That’s why now is the time for WWE to book Veer Mahan in a different way and take full advantage of the momentum he has.

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