This Hollywood Actress Dating 300 Men In A Single Day, Today She Is Like This

Everyone has a different opinion on adult movies. Some consider it normal, while many consider it a dirty job. Yes, but you agree or disagree, but this movie is definitely seen once in a lifetime. Some people also become addicted to these movies. It is also illegal to make such films in countries like India, in which case Raj Kundra was also imprisoned recently. But have you ever thought about the lives of actresses working in these films and how their work affects their personal lives.

Relationship with 300 men in one day
This Hollywood actress had a relationship with 300 men in a single day

If you want to know the lives of these actresses, you must Adult Star Jasmine St. Clair Must read story. Jasmine Sainte-Claire One of the famous American adult stars of the 90s. If the media is to be believed, Jasmine also had a relationship with 300 men in one day. However, he later said goodbye to the adult film industry for acting and wrestling. Jasmine, who went from being an adult star to acting and wrestling, has shared her journey with people herself.

He said he started his new life with the same person he made his last adult film with. saint jasmine 90s popular adult movies is part of. However, after spending some time in this industry, he decided to get out of it. Jasmine was one of the few adult stars in the world who worked with 300 people a day.

jasmine Keeping her point, she says ‘it’s one of those things, because of which people remember you, but they themselves don’t know what it is? Even if it was my own decision to do so. That does not bother me. Jasmine thinks her old life was like a circus. She didn’t remember much of that time, she just used to get up in the morning, drive to places. I came home after finishing the job. Jasmine was bored with this life, she wanted to do something new in her life.

so that they Adult Industry He decided to go into professional wrestling. Recalling her previous movie, she says my last scene was with a guy named Rob Black Extreme Associates. According to Jasmine, Rob is the person she changed her life with. Jasmine says she tried wrestling with Rob. And then that trip worked with Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW). Jasmine first trained in wrestling. Apart from this, Jasmine also took acting classes. According to Jasmine, she will never go into the adult industry again. He says the adult film industry is not for him.

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