Rakhi retaliates at Ritesh's threat - used to abuse me, spoke illiterate, what did she get by marrying him?
Rakhi Sawant recently filed a complaint with the police alleging that her ex-husband Ritesh hacked into her social media accounts. Rakhi Sawant even claimed that Ritesh threatened to destroy her. After that, Ritesh denied all the allegations made by Rakhi Sawant in an interview with our colleague ETimes and said he will now take legal action against her. Ritesh even said that he gave the car to Rakhi Sawant and spent millions of rupees on it. But now Rakhi blames her on the contrary. Now Rakhi Sawant has reacted to these words from Ritesh.

“Riteish didn’t spend any crores on me, he also gave fake jewelry”

When ETimes asked Rakhi Sawant that Ritesh Rakhi Sawant’s ex-husband told him to extort millions of rupees and buy a car. He also said that when Ritesh stopped spending money on you, you left him. On this issue, Rakhi Sawant immediately said, “Gh**…he is lying. The jewelry she gave me was fake. When I needed money for my mother’s treatment, I am went to a jeweler to sell jewelry. He started laughing at me and said it wasn’t real gold. I still have that jewelry. Gold water was applied to it. silver jewelry.

Rakhi Sawant reached the police station with her boyfriend, crying over serious allegations against her ex-husband, watch the video
“Riteish even took his car back from me”
Rakhi Sawant further said, “I messaged Ritesh that the jewelry was fake. I told him not to be ashamed. So he replied that this is what you deserve. He pushed me out of the room four times. He used to call me illiterate. It’s true that he gave me the car. But when he asked me to pick up the car, I gave it away. I don’t want his Baleno. Adil gave me a new car.

Riteish vs. Rakhi Sawant: Ritesh threatens to take legal action over Rakhi Sawant’s allegations – I paid millions of rupees on shamelessness
“If you want to sue, then sue, what did you get for marrying him? »
Under threat of legal action from Ritesh, Rakhi Sawant said he could sue whomever he wanted. Rakhi said, “Let him take legal action. I am ready to face him. He didn’t want me to move forward in life. He always told me that I am neither your servant nor your slave. Do your own thing, earn your own money. So what did I gain by getting married? It was up to me to pay the household expenses and the salary of our servant. So I had to tell him that he shouldn’t stay with me. He should take his apartment.

Rakhi said – Ritesh made my social media accounts
Rakhi Sawant accused Ritesh of hacking into his Instagram, Facebook and Gmail accounts. Asked about it, the actress said that just today (June 12) Ritesh gave me back all my social media accounts. I changed everyone’s passwords. I will also withdraw the police report I filed against Ritesh. Those who really love do not care. Neither do I. My love was true for Ritesh. My marriage to him was also true. It’s his fault he didn’t tell me before he got married that he was married and hadn’t divorced his first wife yet.

Ritesh didn’t give a dime for his mother’s treatment, Salman had helped

Rakhi Sawant also said that Ritesh did not provide any financial assistance when his mother was admitted to hospital and undergoing cancer treatment. Rakhi said Ritesh had lots of money but he didn’t give it and Salman Khan helped him.

Rakhi made serious allegations against her crying ex-husband

Rakhi said – He used to abuse me, if I did all the expenses then what’s the point of staying together
When Rakhi Sawant was asked, Ritesh said that his first wife Snigdha and you (Rakhi Sawant) wronged him and lived with non-men. Thereupon Rakhi said, “Then the deficiency will be there, won’t it? He has to beat women, mistreat them. He would often throw food and say I’m leaving. He used to abuse me. I used to hold her feet. Begged not to leave. The house is mine, my possessions. Yes, he offered me a sofa. Now he says it’s his thing.

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