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  • IPO opened in October last year
  • Listing on November 2 after IPO

In October of last year, stock markets around the world were at their peak (Share Market All Time High). However, since then there has been tremendous selling pressure. Last year, stocks of companies that went IPO in the market’s Bull Run remained in poor shape. In the domestic market, IPOs ranging from Paytm IPO, Zomato to the highly anticipated LIC IPO disappointed investors. Amid all of this is such an IPO, which has proven successful in giving multibagger returns to its investors during these same selling months.

So far so soon after the IPO

We are talking about the IPO of the SME Kotyark Industries Ltd. The IPO of this company took place in October last year. After the IPO of Kotyark Industries Ltd opened for subscription in October 2021, its shares were listed on the SME Exchange on 02 November.

The company had set the upper price band (Kotyark Industries IPO Upper Price Band) at Rs 51 for its IPO. Last week, after the market closed on Friday, June 10, its price was at Rs 291. In this way, in the middle of 7 months, it rose by around 470%.

If you put a lot of money, it would have been so much now

If we talk in terms of investment, then if an investor had invested one lakh rupees in Kotyark Industries Ltd IPO, then today the value of his investment would have become around Rs 5.80 lakh. Listed on the NSE PME stock exchange, this stock did not perform well on the first day. After being quoted at Rs 51 on the first day, it had reached a high of Rs 51.90 during trading, but had fallen to Rs 48.45 at the close of the market. The investor was expected to invest Rs 1.02 lakh in a lot of this. As a result, this stock has made Rs 5.82 lakh so far per investor who bought one lot.

This IPO Beat the Broader Market

Comparing this stock with the broader market, it has outperformed the market by a huge margin. When its IPO opened at the same time in October, NSE Nifty had reached its peak (NSE Nifty All Time High) of 18,604.45 points. Since then, the NSE Nifty has lost around 13% so far. Since January of this year alone, the Nifty index has fallen more than 8%, while Kotyark Industries’ share has risen 291% during this period.

(Warning: There are many types of risks associated with investing in the stock market. Before investing in the stock market, you should do your own research or consult your personal finance advisor.)

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