सामने आया महिंद्रा की आने वाली इलेक्ट्रिक कार का टीजर, XUV 900 लॉन्च कर सकती है Mahindra

Given the growing demand for electric vehicles, many companies are now preparing to manufacture electric vehicles very quickly. Although if seen, giant companies like Maruti, Honda, Hyundai, Mahindra didn’t show much interest in EVs initially, but now many companies’ eyes are on the electric car market. Although Tata has been working on the electric car very aggressively and today people are also very fond of its Nexon electric SUV. However, companies that have not focused on electric cars so far can also be part of their planning and policy. Maybe they waited for the fact that when the demand seems to increase, they will enter this segment. Now Mahindra is also preparing to enter the electric car…Also Read – These are the cheapest and best electric cars available in India, also the best in terms of safety, with a range of over 400 km

However, the decision to enter the electric car is not very new for Mahindra. Because back when there was not much talk about electric vehicles, Mahindra launched electric cars almost in 2013 itself. Mahindra’s first electric cars were cars like e2o, Revai, eVerito. Then their price was around Rs 6.5 lakh to Rs 8.5 lakh. Now, once again, Mahindra prepares to enter the electric car. Read also – Even before the launch, the fanatics of this electric “car”, which has made 30,000 reservations, will be watching the look

A teaser video was posted on Mahindra Born Electric’s Twitter handle. It was written #BornElectricVision. It’s clear that this tweet from Mahindra shows his shift towards the electric segment. It is also written there that the rest of the information on this subject will arrive soon in July 2022. Read also – Will the Chinese car manufacturer be able to stand in front of Tata? BYD prepares to make its mark in India with an electric car

A slight glimpse of the car can be seen in the teaser video shared by Mahindra. Although Mahindra has not yet disclosed the name of this electric car, but according to reports, it is said that Mahindra’s next electric car may be the SUV category XUV 900.

It is also said that instead of a new model, Mahindra may launch an electric version of its successful XUV 300 model on Tata lines. Tata did the same. Its Nexon SUV was successful and the company launched the electric model of the same.

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