New Delhi: The value of IPL rights broke records on the first day of the IPL media rights auction. An IPL match will now cost a record Rs 105 crore (USD 13.44 million). It has become the second most popular sports product in the world after the NFL (USD 35.07 million*) in terms of value per game. This figure could increase given the e-auction of media rights for the T20 tournament which started on Sunday.

Total bids Rs 38,850 crore

According to reports, the total supply so far is Rs 38,850 crore (US$4.97 billion). That is 21,090 crore rupees ($2.7 billion) for television rights under Package A for the Indian subcontinent and 17,760 crore rupees ($2.27 billion) for Package B. Package B includes digital rights. That’s 2.38 times or 138% more than the IPL rights deal in 2018-22, which was acquired by Star India in 2017 for $2.55 billion.

The Premier League left behind

These figures are based on 74 games per season in the Circle of Rights for the next five years from 2023. The IPL has overtaken the Premier League in this regard, which is valued at US$11.34 million from the 2022-25 rights per game.

IPL had put its media rights up for sale by electronic auction for the first time, ending the closed auction process. In an electronic auction, bids are submitted via an online portal on behalf of an independent company. For this auction, the IPL has set a minimum base price for each of the four categories and asked bidders to enter their price per game.

Here is the base price of the package

The base price per match for package A is Rs 49 crore (USD 6.3 million). For package B, it is 33 crore (4.2 million USD) per game. For package C, it is 16 crores per game and for package D, it is 3 crores.

The highest bid for Package A on Sunday was ₹57 crore (US$7.29 million). This is 16.3% more than the base price set by the IPL. The highest bid for Package B was INR 48 crore (USD 6.14 million), 45.4% above the base price. The total figure stands at Rs 105 crore, which is already 93.6% higher than the price per game in the previous IPL rights deal (INR 54.23 crore).

These companies bid

Bidders Disney-Star, Sony, Viacom-Reliance, Zee, Fun Asia, Super Sport and Times Internet will resume bidding Tuesday at 11 a.m. According to the rules set by the IPL, the winner of package A has the right to compete for the digital rights by offering 5% more than the highest bid to the winner of package B.

They can fight each other until one of them is exhausted. Once the highest bidder for packages A and B is placed, the bidding process for packages C and D will begin.

first publication:June 13, 2022, 12:33 a.m.

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