Debina Banerjee recounted - how much money was spent on IVF, said - 'The 5 year process was not easy'

Debina Banerjee told - how much money was spent on IVF, said -

Being a mother is a blessing for women and every woman yearns for this blessing. Some have no trouble conceiving, but some have trouble with it. TV actress Debina Bonnerjee also had a lot of trouble conceiving and it took 5 years. Recently, the actress opened up about her IVF journey in her latest video. Also its cost has also been mentioned.

Debina Bonnerjee with her husband Gurmeet

Debina shared a video on her YouTube channel “Debina Decodes”, in which she talks about her IVF journey and the cost. He said: “The whole journey, from thinking about motherhood to seeing the doctor and conceiving Liana, took 5 years. It is quite difficult to deal with weight gain issues. People keep asking, “You’ve gained weight, is there any good news?” “, “You are beaming, is there any good news? And sometimes with a ‘What happened? Now it’s your turn.’ I know, these things are very painful and make you more restless. I started my treatment in 2017.

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Debina Bonnerjee with her husband Gurmeet

Debina added: “Initially the doctors advised IUI. It is not a very invasive procedure. The fertile days are calculated and accordingly the doctor makes some injections. The husband’s semen is also analyzed. It didn’t work for me. I tried it 5 times. It was a failure. The second best option was IVF. During IVF I found out exactly what the problem was. I had endometriosis and adenomyosis. Before continuing the treatment, my doctor did a hysteroscopy, that is to say a small operation. My uterus was stuck and they fixed it with an operation. The cost depends on the hospitals. It starts from Rs 75,000 to Rs 1 lakh.”

Debina Bonnerjee with baby

Debina said: “After the start of IVF treatment, it is divided into two parts – the extraction of the egg and the reinsertion of the fertilized egg. The first process is a bit painful and tedious. The process of Egg extraction is time consuming. Egg extraction cannot be done in one go. I have done the procedure three times. The cost of each procedure is around Rs 1.5 lakh. I am just telling you Giving 5 years to the process is no joke and it’s very frustrating to get a “no” answer after every month. Stay calm throughout the process. Don’t lose hope. I used to read a lot of books to stay positive. I read the Bhagavad Gita, Ikigai and other famous authors’ books. You can also listen to audio books.”

Debina Bonnerjee with family

Finally, Debina said, “This process is entirely up to God. I tried two embryo transfers and it didn’t work for me. The cost of embryo transfer is Rs 30,000 and also depends on the hospital. I had conception through IVF. At first I was scared, but not anymore. When people ask “why IVF transfer” I would say that when nothing happens over time, I can’t waste time wondering why it’s not happening. I gave it a try instead and after 5 years I was blessed with Liana. The process isn’t cheap, but it isn’t that expensive either.

Currently, Debina is enjoying her motherhood journey with her darling daughter Liana. By the way, how about Debina’s idea? Tell us by commenting, and if you have any suggestion, then definitely give it.

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