'Ronaldo' from Uttarakhand with a viral goal, who comes home and sleeps half on his stomach
New Delhi/Dehradun: Round and round noise. A magnificent kick. And that goal… This lens is going viral on social media. It is reminiscent of stalwarts like Ronaldo, Beckham, Messi. This goal was scored by Hemraj Johri, a 15.5-year-old boy from a remote village of Munsiyari, Uttarakhand. With a corner kick, the ball swings directly into the net inside the goal post, hitting the goalkeeper. Now Hemraj is going viral as ‘Ronaldo of Uttarakhand’. But on the other side of this incredible goal lies a long path of struggle. Which Hemraj lived and lives. This journey starts from the marginal village where Hemraj lives. Where the road has not reached until this day. Where a football field cannot even be imagined. But believe me, this lens came out of the same inaccessible village of Gandhi Nagar, about 22 km from Munsiyari.

Exclusive Interview: Hemraj Johri’s story of Uttarakhand’s viral goal fight

After this viral goal, we spoke to Hemraj. Behind the achievement of this goal, know the story of his life and struggle, which may have reached you. This happy boy in talks said so. But with pride. Father does sewing work. Hemraj has four sisters. Full responsibility rests with the father. The world is worried about losing weight, but when Hemraj returns home, he is struck by the necessary diet. The father’s pocket does not allow it. When he leaves his village of Munsiyari for Dehradun Sports High School, he thinks for a moment. Because the father has to juggle money by borrowing for rent. Here we keep some parts of the interview of this budding footballer from the border region of Uttarakhand as they are. If you read them, you will understand that in a state where football is a state game, under what conditions shine diamonds like Hemraj, who played four times at the national level…


Did you know that a corner kick will hit the goalkeeper and go straight into the goal post?
Hemraj: Yes, I knew the goal was going to be scored, because the goalkeeper had come forward. Me and the players were behind. I thought I would hit the curve and the ball would go over the second bar.

What was the result of this match?
Hemraj: Our team won this match by 9-0. I scored five goals in that game alone.

Uttarakhand has terraced pitches, so where did the football hobby come from?
Hemraj: There is no road to my village. There is also no basis. When I was 11, I came to Munsiyari for the first time. I saw children playing here. When I first landed on the ground, I didn’t even have shoes on. I started playing barefoot. After that I joined a club called Munsiyari Boys. They gave me football boots, etc., and then I started playing. …my father’s dream is to become an international footballer. We don’t have enough money to keep playing.

Hemraj Johri

What kind of difficulties do you face?
Hemraj: The biggest problem is with the diet. When I get home, I don’t have enough to eat to be able to properly focus on my diet. There is little to eat. It’s good in hostels, when I go to university. When I come home, I have very little to eat. Dad doesn’t have enough money to feed chicken and chicken. Just the diet is a bit reduced.

Tell me about your family? How to survive?
hemraj: I have four sisters in the family. I am a brother. When the father wins, the family can survive on its own. It can’t go that far. Sometimes the money is so much that the means are limited. Sometimes I don’t have money to go to Dehradun. So Dad asks for a loan, then he gives.

What are your dreams
Hemraj: My dream is to play at a good level. Play internationally. My father also dreams of me playing at international level.


Where does your football training come from?
When I was in my village, I played in the fields. There were once terraced fields. I bought a balloon by collecting money. I had made a field myself and started playing on my own.

I had to play football on the pitch! So there was no reprimand?
There was a vacant lot. It was a mountainous region. There was a slope. I dug and made a small field. There, I played alone.

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