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  • Gold and silver have become cheaper
  • Gold is sold for Rs 51064

Gold-Silver Price Today, Sona Chandi Latest Bhav: In the Indian bullion market, gold and silver prices were released on Monday, the first day of the trading week. Gold and silver prices fell today. Today, 10 grams of 999 purity gold is sold for Rs 51064, while one kg of 999 purity silver is sold today for Rs 61067.

Gold and silver prices are published twice a day. Once in the morning and a second time in the evening. According to ibjarates.com, the price of 995 purity gold rose to Rs 50,860 today. 916 purity gold is sold for Rs 46775. 750 purity gold fetches Rs 38298. Apart from this, the price of 585 purity gold has come down to Rs 29872 per ten grams. One kg of 999 purity silver is selling today at the rate of Rs 61067 per kg with a slight drop.

How much has the price of gold and silver fallen?
There was a slight drop in the price of gold and silver today. Ten grams of 999 purity gold became cheaper by Rs 105 today, while the price of 995 purity gold fell by Rs 104. 916 purity gold is being sold for Rs 96 less than the day before. 750 purity gold becomes cheaper by Rs.79. Gold of 585 purity has become cheaper by Rs 62. On the other hand, the price of one kg of silver has dropped by Rs 509 today.

Precision Monday morning price Monday evening price
Gold (for 10 grams) 999 51064
Gold (for 10 grams) 995 50860
Gold (for 10 grams) 916 46775
Gold (for 10 grams) 750 38298
Gold (for 10 grams) 585 29872
Silver (for 1 kg) 999 61067

This is how purity is recognized
There is a way to measure the purity of jewelry. There are many types of marks related to the hallmark, through these marks the purity of the jewelry can be recognized. Out of this there is a scale from one carat to 24 carats.

If there are 22 carat jewelry, then 916 will be written there.
875 will be inscribed on 21 carat jewelry.
750 is written on 18 karat jewelry.
If there are 14 carat jewelry, then 585 will be written there.

Gold and silver prices today

Know the price of gold and silver by missed call
Fares are not issued by ibja on Saturdays and Sundays except on public holidays declared by the central government. You can give a missed call to 8955664433 for the retail price of 22k and 18k gold jewelry. Rates will be received by SMS in a short time. Other than that, you can visit www.ibja.com for frequent update information.

The prices are different at the time of the jewelry
Let us tell you that the prices published by the Indian Bullion Jewelers Association give information about the standard price of gold of different purity. All these prices are exclusive of taxes and charges. Fares issued by IBJA are universal nationwide but GST is not included in its fares. Let us tell you that when buying jewelry, gold or silver rates are higher due to the inclusion of tax.

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