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New Delhi: During the Corona virus transition period, not only the lives of ordinary people, but also the country’s major auto enterprises have suffered a lot of economic losses, which everyone is now pushing from top to bottom to accomplish. First of all, because of Corona, secondly, all things, including gasoline and diesel, are becoming expensive, because of which the budget of ordinary people is getting worse.

In such a situation, many car manufacturers come up with new offers, so vehicle sales may increase. If you want to fulfill the dream of riding a bicycle and the budget is less, then don’t delay, you can buy the motorcycle from a big company Heeri. Hero’s cool HF Deluxe bike, which is creating a ruckus in the market these days, which you can buy for a down payment. You won’t have to spend a lot of money for it.

  • Know the characteristics of the bike

Talking about the engine and power of the motorcycle, the company installed a 97.2 cc single-cylinder engine in it. This engine generates a maximum power of 8.02 PS and a maximum torque of 8.05 Nm. This engine is mated to a 4-speed gearbox. Regarding the mileage, the company claims that this Hero HF Deluxe bike gives a mileage of 83 kmpl. This mileage has been certified by ARAI.

  • Know the starting price of the bike

The Hero HF Deluxe has a starting price of Rs 64,520 for self-starting alloy wheels and variants with i3s technology which goes up to Rs 78,471 on the road. If you want to buy this bike, you must complete the EMI plan. ,

According to the online down payment and EMI calculator, if you buy this bike, the bank will give you a loan of Rs 70,471 for it. After this loan, you will have to pay a minimum down payment of Rs 8,000 and then pay EMI of Rs 2,264 every month. Accordingly, 75 rupees will have to be spent per day.

The bank has set a deadline of 3 years to repay the loan granted on this variant of Hero HF Deluxe. During this period, the bank will charge an interest rate of 9.7% per annum on the amount of the loan granted.

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  • Hero finished the walk job, spend 75 rupees and take this bike home, know the details

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