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Salman Rushdie

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There was a writer with half-closed eyes, who looked like a half-sleep looking at the world. I remembered his face, I forgot his name. The first time I read it was in the Illustrated Weekly. A long part of his very first book. Mix of English letters.

The ‘Grimus’ become weaned. An immortal bird that has been flying for hundreds of years, who is actually a human. That part of the book was over before he could even tell if his flight was going in or out. I have to collect and read this book from anywhere, I thought. But that opportunity never presented itself. I got his next book in Allahabad. Coincidentally, only two to three months after its publication.

It was a political travelogue – ‘The Jaguar Smile’. A little girl riding a leopard went to the forest smiling. After some time, the leopard came back. The little girl was in her belly and the leopard was smiling. I had read this story of the Nicaraguan revolution about 25 years ago but it hadn’t crossed my mind.

Salman Rushdie’s stories are great, but journalists, he’s extraordinary.

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