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There are very few brands of this type in the world, which you can recognize by seeing… Gucci is one of these brands. From the maximalist designs of Alessandro Michele to the brand’s sexy campaigns of the Tom Ford era, there’s never been a time when Gucci hasn’t been on top with its fashion sense. But Gucci wasn’t always like that. If you are curious about Gucci products and its history, then you have come to the right place. The history of the Gucci brand in today’s luxury life…

Inspired by London fashion, Guccio Gucci launched a brand
Guccio Gucci founded this famous fashion house in Florence, Italy, in 1921. Before creating the brand under his own name, Gucci worked as a porter and elevator operator at the Savoy Hotel in London. Inspired by the wealthy clients who visited the hotel, he returned home to work for a fashion company, Franzie.

Before starting his own business, he learned the leather trade in the same company. After launching its brand, Gucci initially only sold leather goods. The Gucci brand may have originated in Italy, but its style has been heavily influenced by London fashion.

Celebrities make a splash at Gucci
The Gucci brand continued as before, even in the years after Gucci’s death. In 1953, a photo of a celebrity like Elizabeth Taylor with a bamboo bag and horsebit loafer went viral. Then, in 1961, when American first lady Jacqueline Kennedy was seen carrying a Gucci bag, the fashion house changed its name to “The Jackie”.

Gucci’s designs were also influenced by the Queen of Monaco, Grace Kelly. When she bought a bamboo bag in 1966, Rodolfo Gucci gave her a floral scarf specially designed for her. The floral design of the scarf was created by the famous artist Vittorio Acornero and was later named “Flora” print.

Gucci was on the verge of bankruptcy in the battle for the throne
Gucci staged its first ready-to-wear fashion show in 1981. Its collection was based on the Flora motif itself. The show took place in Florence. In the early 1980s, Gucci’s grandsons also joined the company. At this time, there was also a feud in the family over who would hold the throne of Gucci.

Eventually, Rodolfo’s son Maurizio removed his cousin and uncle Aldo from the business and took the Gucci throne. Subsequently, in 1989, a holding company, Investcorp, took over half of Gucci. Much had changed at the company, with family feuds and takeovers driving Gucci to the brink of bankruptcy.

Tom Ford takes over Gucci
The real change came in 1990 when a young designer named Tom Ford came in. Tom initially oversaw Gucci’s ready-to-wear collections, but became the fashion house’s creative director in 1994. During this time, Maurizio Gucci also sold the rest of his shares to Investcorp. Maurizio was assassinated a few months later in 1995.

Ford then took over the design task in such a way that Gucci was revived. Ford is widely regarded as the designer who brought hypersexual design and campaign imagery to the fashion world. Ford’s Fall 1995 and Minimalist collection were the major commercial successes of the 90s.

Gucci in the Guinness Book of World Records
Gucci’s Genius jeans also entered the Guinness Book of World Records. In the 90s, these jeans were sold for 2 lakh 43 thousand, at that time it was the most expensive jeans in the world. After a few years, this record was broken by Lewis. In 2005, Levi’s jeans were bought by a Japanese man for 46 lakhs.

Why is Gucci so popular despite its high price tag?

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According to the brand’s marketing advertisements, Gucci prices its products as high as its buyers can afford. Gucci is expensive, so there are two reasons behind it. First, Gucci does not target everyone as a buyer. Gucci knows that only limited people will buy its products, so it also keeps the price based on those people. Another reason is that Gucci employs a strategy that emphasizes upper class, prestige and status.

  • Gucci means exclusive

It is well known that not everyone can buy Gucci. The founder of Louis Vuitton believes that “any great luxury item or collector’s item is only worth what the buyer is willing to pay for it”. The same goes for expensive products from Gucci. While on the one hand the 4 lakh price tag of a pair of jeans creates trepidation in the minds of others, the loyal Gucci customer is not bothered by the high price tag. If the products were cheap, people would stop buying Gucci for fear of losing its exclusivity.

  • PR and advertising

The marketing cost of a luxury fashion house is very high. But according to Reuters, Gucci never discloses its ad spend. However, another luxury house and Gucci’s main rival has spent nearly $6.5 billion on marketing over the past year. Which clearly explains why Gucci jeans bags are so expensive. Moreover, it is the marketing result of the brand, which makes this brand so appealing to the younger generation and also helps popularize the streetwear fashion style.

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