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Author: Priti KushwahaPublication date: Sat Jun 18, 2022 7:55 PM (IST)Update date: Sat 18 Jun 2022 19:55 (IST)

Shikha Dhariwal, Bombay. Actor Mukesh Khanna is making headlines these days for his outspoken and political statements. If we talk about the work front, then Mukesh Khanna will soon be seen in Sony Television’s ‘Shaktimaan’ movie which will be made in large scale i.e. around 300 crores. In an exclusive chat with Mukesh Khanna, he spoke openly about many issues related to his career and industry. Mukesh says that I often give my opinion on issues in the film industry, for which I have a business loss.

Unnecessary declarations make the difference at work. On this question, Mukesh Khanna replies: ‘Yes, there is a difference and people also tell me a lot that the way you speak openly on topics ranging from politics to Bollywood drugs, to pornography, you will have to hard to find work. But I don’t care about all these things. I heard Ekta Kapoor very often, so I know that now Ekta Kapoor won’t give me more work. Because I said earlier too that Ekta Kapoor destroyed him doing ‘Mahabharata’, so obviously that message got to Ekta, but it doesn’t matter to me. However, I have no personal enmity with Ekta. I say what I think is wrong, while people in the industry are afraid to speak against Ekta. Because Ekta Kapoor makes movies and soap operas. Now the path of him who takes enmity will be closed.

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Mukesh Khanna says on next question that it is not. I don’t have a job. In fact, I am a person who works on his own terms. Whether it was Subhash Ghai or Anil Sharma, I never reached out for work in front of a producer or director, nor did I go to anyone’s office to give me work. People give me a lot of nasty offers. But I don’t do negative villain roles, because I don’t like my negative image. I’ve been offered villain roles for the past few years, I could have made millions of rupees if I wanted to, but the job I don’t like, only make money.

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Mukesh added, “I don’t have a job, but the biggest project I have is the biggest ‘Shaktimaan’ movie that’s coming and it’s also being done on a massive scale in crores, so I’m very happy. “. I don’t need a lot. I have a roof to cover my head, that’s enough for me. Sharing an old anecdote, Mukesh says that my secretary also tried hard to get me to play the bad guy and he started working on it, you won’t believe me, only four days after Amrish Puri died. issue a statement in the media, in which I had to say that the replacement of Amrish Puri is Mukesh Khanna, but I was surprised to hear this proposal from the secretary. Thereupon I scolded the secretary a lot and said that it had not been four days since Amrish Puri passed away and you were saying such nonsense, I will not do it at all. Business losses happen, but just as true, I’m not begging to work in front of anyone.

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