Rare Coin Prizes: If You Own This British Era Coin, You Can Become A Millionaire

New Delhi: Rare Coin Prices: If you only have one British-era coin, you can consider yourself a millionaire. Pre-independence coins are selling very expensive right now. At that time, you can sell each coin for crores of rupees. If you want to sell them in India, you can earn thousands of rupees. And if the same coins you sell outside India. So you get crores of rupees for these coins.

Price of 1 rupee coin

If we talk about the one rupee coin of that era, a bid of around ₹10 crore was made for this one rupee coin. But this coin should be from 19th century i.e. before 1901. If there is a coin of the same then you will get its value between 50 lakh and one crore only.

Characteristics of the 1 rupee coin

The ₹1 coin from this era must have been printed at least in 1885. Keep in mind that when sending this coin do not fall for any kind of fraud or you will lose your precious coin and won’t be able to get the money.

how to sell coins

Now let us tell you how and where you can send banknotes and coins. If you have such banknotes and coins, you can send them to many websites such as olx-abay, first of all, you need to create your account by visiting these websites and uploading a good photo of your banknote and your piece on both sides. East. Anyone who likes your notes and coins will contact you and you can negotiate with them. After which, you can sell this banknote and this coin at this price according to you.

  • If you also have old coins and banknotes, a raffle is open to you, which will make you rich.

  • Rare Coin Prizes: If You Own This British Era Coin, You Can Become A Millionaire

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