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June 2013 time. Edgbaston cricket stadium in England, where the biggest battle in the world of cricket was about to begin. Simply put, the cricket match of India and Pakistan. Before the two teams began to face each other, there was a commotion in the stands. Because a person was present here, on whom all eyes were fixed. Name Lalit Modi.

Indian Premier League media rights ended recently and BCCI earned around 50,000 crores. When it comes to IPL and Lalit Modi’s name doesn’t come into the discussion, it can’t happen. Ever since media rights have been talked about, Lalit Modi has been in the headlines. In such a situation, this story related to Lalit Modi becomes very special.

The 2013 Champions Trophy is special because when the Indian team left here, just before there was a ruckus in the Indian Premier League. Match-fixing controversy. The names of some Rajasthan Royals players have come out into the open, Indian team captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni was also in fixture controversies.

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The farthest was Lalit Modi. Those expelled by BCCI long ago have not returned to India. But this opportunity was very big for Lalit Modi because it was only after he left that the genius of fixing came out, so when the India-Pakistan game was held in England, Lalit Modi came to see him.

Because Lalit Modi knew that the eyes of everyone in cricket would be on this game. In such a situation, it will prove to be the right platform to tell the story of Lalit Modi in BCCI and her struggle. The same thing happened, Lalit Modi was present in the stands of the Edgbaston pitch holding the tricolor in his hand.

Lalit Modi took full advantage of this opportunity, he gave standing interviews in the stands here. And in these interviews he repeated one thing over and over again that IPL was created by him, when I left IPL BCCI couldn’t handle it and even match fixing happened. Lalit Modi has turned the whole “game” he claims BCCI started against him.

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This whole story related to Lalit Modi has been told in the recently released book Maverick Commissioner: The IPL-Lalit Modi Saga. The journalist who interviewed Lalit Modi that day also explained why Lalit Modi’s interview became important for him as the big India-Pakistan match was unfolding.

The journalist says the charisma that Lalit Modi had, he lives with very few people while in cricket administration. The kind of life that Lalit Modi lives is larger than life. Even though he was banned by BCCI at the time, but Lalit Modi used to do everything on his own. Banning him made no difference and everyone knew that a brand like IPL was created by Lalit Modi. In such a situation, who wouldn’t want to interview him.

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