New Delhi: Hardik Pandya failed to give Dinesh Karthik a goal in the T20 opener against South Africa. Pandya had been criticized for this. The matter reached such a point that Ashish Nehra, the former cricketer and coach of Gujarat Titans, said that DK was ahead, not me. When he played the finisher, this thing became unavoidable again . Now DK has given an answer to Hardik Pandya for not giving a “strike”.

post-game conversation

Hardik Pandya and Dinesh Karthik spoke after the match. Pandya asked DK – because it was flat pitch, so what were you thinking? What was going through your mind? DK said it’s always difficult after two or three wickets have fallen, but in the T20 format it’s important to score runs in the final overs. As our partnership progressed, we continued to take advantage and put all the pressure on the opposing team.

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Believe in playing on the terms

DK has Sincere Asked- Do you feel a change playing for Gujarat Titans and Team India? Were you also named captain? What would you say? Pandya said, to be honest, there is no change for me, I believe in playing according to the conditions. I always try to be better over time.

Learning Mahi bhai changed his career

Pandya said, at the beginning of my career, I asked a question to Mahi bhai: how to get out of pressure? So he gave a very simple answer. “Stop thinking about your scores and start thinking about what your team needs,” he said. This lesson came to mind and it’s what motivates me to become a better player.

How do I feel if I leave the team?

Pandya now asked DK, what has changed in you in all these years. Very few people know how hard you work. DK said, I’m ‘obstinate’ that I have to play this World Cup. It’s the most important thing in my life. I know what it feels like when I’m kicked out of the team. I also know how valuable it is to play for Team India.

Appreciated the backend role

DK added: I always wanted to do something special for Team India and luckily RCB gave me that platform. I enjoyed playing the backend role at RCB. I worked very hard for this and the result is that I get so much love from the fans. I want to work hard for the Indian team so that we can win the World Cup.

Difficult task to make way for Team India

DK said, I saw that team sitting outside. I know how difficult it is to get into Team India. How much competition and talent is there for Team India. It’s very interesting to have fun with everyone in the Team India dressing room. I take advantage of this youthful energy.

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Sometimes you can’t even stand it, it doesn’t matter…

DK has now told Pandya in chats, there are people like you around me, who I have developed a bond with. I enjoy my time with people like you. Thank you for the support you have given me…sometimes you support me a lot by staying inside (off the ground), ‘Sometimes you don’t even do it, that’s okay, I manage.’ As soon as DK said that, Hardik burst out laughing, DK himself also smiled. DK complained about not giving a strike in the gestures and Hardik understood that too.

Hardik said you are people’s inspiration

After that, Hardik said, I want to tell you something seriously. You are sure to be an inspiration to many. I know what we were talking about for you about the IPL, people had taken you out, but you said I wanted to play the World Cup for India. What you are doing for this is truly commendable. Thank you brother, I’m proud of you.

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first publication:June 18, 2022, 4:16 p.m.

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