This year (2022), Foreign Institutional Investors (FIIs) have sold shares worth more than Rs 2 lakh crore in the Indian stock market. This is the largest sale by foreign investors in a year. This has a direct impact on the market. The Sensex has fallen almost 10,000 points from its record high of October last year.

Foreign investors have been selling continuously in the Indian stock market for 9 months. In May alone, he sold shares worth Rs 45,276 crore. Till the 17th of this month, they have sold shares worth Rs 28,445 crore. If we talk about the sales made so far this year, this figure reached Rs 2,02,244 crore.

This week was the worst week for the stock market in the past two years. The Sensex fell about 5.19%. Nifty also fell 5.36%. Due to this, 14 lakh crores of investors were destroyed. Titan was the biggest loser among big companies. It fell about 6%. Wipro, Shree Cement, HDFC Life and BPCL fell more than 3%.

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On the other hand, PFR stocks also continued to decline. This week it has fallen almost 5%. At the beginning of this week, i.e. Monday, the price of this share was Rs 687. On Friday, it closed at Rs 654.35. This is a big setback for investors investing in LIC shares. A large number of LIC policyholders had invested in this IPO. He didn’t have much experience in the stock market.

RBL Bank shares have fallen 19.66% this week. At the beginning of this week, i.e. Monday, the price of this stock opened at Rs 102. But, by the end of the week, its price fell to Rs 82. Talking about a month , this stock lost more than 31%. NALCO’s stock has fallen nearly 12% this week.

Market experts say investors shouldn’t sell their stocks out of desperation. Now is the time to be patient. In today’s environment, they should focus on protecting their money rather than making a profit. They should catch up with the fall of March 2020. Then there was a sharp drop in the market due to the announcement of the start of the corona epidemic. But within a few months the market had recouped its losses.

Experts say investors can take advantage of this opportunity to buy stocks at low prices. Shares of many large companies are 10-20% above their record highs. Bajaj Auto’s stock has fallen 4.63% in the past month. IRCTC shares have lost 11% in the past month. Hindustan Unilever shares have fallen 8.24% in the past month. The title of Infosys lost 7.58% in one month. Shares of the country’s largest IT company, TCS, fell 10% in one month.

Investors can invest in good quality stocks. But, they have to make this investment for the long term. The reason for this is that market volatility is expected to continue in the coming months. Markets fall due to rising interest rates, inflation, rising crude oil, Ukraine crisis. Therefore, market conditions are not expected to improve any time soon.

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