Father's Day 2022: 'I told dad he was a lesbian on WhatsApp...' In real life, this dad is his daughters' hero
In recent years, there have been many such movies in Hindi cinema in which the father was found standing on a cliff to support the daughter in a progressive way. Whether it was his daughter’s career or sexuality or her decisions, the father was seen supporting his angel. In the recently released film Janhit Mein Jaari, when the heroine Nushrat Bharucha’s family learns that she is a condom seller, the heroine is the first to gain her father’s support. Even in the Badhaai Do published before this, the father is the first person to accept Bhumi Pednekar’s claim that she is a lesbian. While in Bareilly Ki Barfi Father Pankaj Tripathi adopts his daughter Kriti Sanon with all her merits and faults, in Drishyam Father Ajay Devgan rescues her by putting in place a comprehensive strategy for the daughter’s safety. In Angrezi Medium, Irrfan Khan unites day and night to send his daughter abroad, and when Taapsee Pannu suffers domestic violence in Thappad, the father supports her. In Gunjan Saxena, despite fierce opposition from society, the father manages to make his daughter a pilot. But the question is whether or not such fathers of cinema can be found in everyday life? (all photos: indicative)

Dad became a guard to make me an air hostess

Suchitra Mishra’s success story is nothing less than a movie story. She says, “My childhood with three siblings was spent in deprivation. I always wanted to become a flight attendant. This desire was often ridiculed by neighbors because we were very poor and my father worked as a driver. Being the eldest daughter of the house, the mother wanted to release herself from her responsibility by marrying me. But when I told my dad about my wish, he didn’t just support me and took on the job of caretaker in addition to driving for the flight attendant course. Her father was behind the success of Romana, who came from Jharkhand to become a successful media personality. Romana says, “If dad hadn’t opposed all the parents and sent me alone, I wouldn’t be here today. People used to say bad things about me that the girl ran away from home. But dad took a stand for me and gave me money by withdrawing money from his PF before he came here. The teenager, who works in the field of human resources, is divorced and is also the mother of an 8-year-old daughter. She says, “I had to fight a long battle for divorce and custody of my daughter, but it was my father who supported me. After living in an abusive marriage for two years after marriage, one day my father heard that my husband was beating me, he took me home. People said thousands of times that I would become a burden to them but they empowered me and today I am able to raise my daughter despite being a single mother with the help of my dad.

I told daddy I was a lesbian on whatsapp

Teesa Bakshi was the first to open up about her bisexuality with her father Shanto. She says, “I wrote him a long WhatsApp message and told him that I am bisexual and I want to talk to him about this issue. I was very afraid of not knowing what my father’s reaction would be. But I was surprised when after reading this message he asked me whether I had done my school homework or not. When I asked him if he had a problem with me being bisexual? So his response was, ‘No. It’s as normal as being straight. Today, if I graduated from university like a normal girl, the credit goes to my father. Today, Tina, who works as a sports teacher in an international school, says: “Because of her professional profile, my mother had to travel often, so when I had my period for the first time at school, it was my dad who brought the sanitary napkin and he posted on YouTube. But I was told to use it via a demo. I don’t know how, but the kids in my class found out about this and they started bullying me. When I told my dad that, he came to school and not only met my teacher, but also took my whole class. Nikki Chawla, India’s first transgender model actress, received money for gender reassignment surgery from her father. She says, “It took my dad a while to understand me, but then he realized that my soul belonged to the girl. He saw that I was not on the wrong track, I was working in a salon. When I told my father that I was determined to become a girl, he not only met my psychiatrist, but also gave me hundreds of thousands of rupees to change my sex. surgery lamps. Even though he is no longer alive today, he deserves credit for giving me a new birth.

These girls grew strong with the support of their dad

Nushrat Bharucha, who tried out for the daring role of a saleswoman selling condoms in the recent publication Janhit Mein Jari, said: “My family and especially my father have always had progressive ideas. Whether it was sanitary napkins or condoms or alcohol, I always dared to share it with my father. I have the impression today that if I became a strong girl in reality and in real life, it is because of my father. Swara Bhaskar also shared how her father overcame period fear. If Alia Kashyap, the daughter of famous filmmaker Anurag Kashyap is able to talk openly about nudity, sex life, periods and boyfriends on her YouTube channel today, then credit goes to the liberal and progressive approach of ‘Anurag Kashyap somewhere. Last year, he got a lot of trolling for coming to his daughter’s YouTube channel and talking about all the topics called taboos, but he didn’t let himself and his daughter get affected. From issues called taboos to life-changing decisions, these fathers have not left the hands of their daughters. Now take Manya Singh, who won the Miss India runner-up title last year. If her father who drives a rickshaw hadn’t supported her, she wouldn’t have adorned Manya’s head, the same way the father of Rani Rampal, the captain of the women’s hockey team who scored the history by reaching the semi-finals of the Tokyo Olympics. , when people called the girl When I had to listen to the remarks of wearing a niqar, then this tonga-wielding father encouraged the girl ignoring people’s taunts and said, ‘You play until your happy heart’ indeed if under the pressure of society, he made the queen If the marriage had been given, the country would have been deprived of a brilliant player who won the medal forever.

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