पूर्व भारतीय क्रिकेटर का छलका दर्द,

In the chat, Salil (Salil Ankola) said that at some point I was kicked out of India team and at the same time I was selected into India A team. But there I was detained not to play matches, but to carry drinks. Ankola said that after the year 2001, I was completely away from cricket. That same year, I made a mistake that I regret to this day. The former cricketer said that during this period Sony offered me a cricket-related job, which I turned down. I don’t know why I declined this offer, I must have made a bad decision that I still regret.

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Ankola had become an alcoholic

Let us tell you that in 2010, Ankola was also very upset in his personal life. In fact, the same year he was separated from his wife and child. Ankola could not stand this shock and he became addicted to alcohol. Ankola again chose cricket to get away from alcohol addiction. This is the reason why he served as Mumbai’s head coach last year.

On this, the former cricketer said: “I was around 52, then once you hit 50 your perception changes. I don’t know how and why, but it happens. You feel like you were adamant about a lot of things, but those things really didn’t make sense. They only bother you. Like my example of not going back to cricket, but I really missed cricket.

Let us tell you that with the help of former cricketers, Ankola has once again been seen returning to cricket and is focusing her full attention on cricket itself. This is the reason why he also became the head coach of Mumbai.

Ankola wanted to return to cricket as a coach
“I wanted to come back as a coach, but when I saw what the script was, I realized coaching wasn’t for me. There’s a huge difference between coaching in the 1990s and coaching. coaching today.I had also signed up for level 2 coach in NCA but then I went to Rahul [द्रविड़] I wrote him a letter and told him that I couldn’t come because I don’t see myself as a coach, I don’t have much patience, I’m a very angry person.

In fact, now Ankola is traveling with the Mumbai team, it can be seen with players in Bangalore. Salil Ankola has managed to play 1 Test and 20 ODIs during his international career. After not having achieved anything in cricket, Ankola also worked as an actor but there too his luck did not shine much.

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