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  • Samara is the daughter of Deepak Tijori
  • Talk about finding work in the industry
  • Appearing in the web series Masoom

Samara Tijori, daughter of famous Bollywood actor Deepak Tijori, has also entered the world of showbiz. Samara made her Bollywood debut with Abhishek Bachchan’s Bob Biswas. After that, she is now seen in the web series Masoom. Boman Irani worked with Samara in this Disney Hotstar show. In one of her new interviews, Samara talked about finding work in the industry.

Being Deepak Tijori’s daughter didn’t benefit

Samara was asked if she ever got a job on behalf of her father Deepak Tijori. To that, he immediately replied, “No.” Samara told this even though she is seen working with well-known faces in the industry. But he got his start in the industry like all the other child stars.

In conversation with Hindustan Times, Samara said, “No, I did not receive any benefits. Dad used to play a while ago, then he took a break. I went through the normal audition process. My first audition was with 180 girls. I didn’t even have makeup on then. It was Sprite’s audition and I was shaking sitting with so many beautiful girls. First I did that, then I worked as an assistant director.

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Samara told the story related to the shooting

Samara plays the role of Boman Irani’s daughter in “Masoom”. Boman praised Samara’s work. So there, Samara shared how she learned a lot from Boman Irani during this series. While recounting an anecdote during filming, he said, “I learned everything from him. He was once very relaxed and laughed on set. I was very stressed. Was sitting with her headphones on and thinking I have to be in character, I have to be sad, I have to cry.

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Boman taught this great lesson

Then the sound of the action came and he immediately started crying. I looked at them in astonishment. I hope my reaction will not come behind closed doors. I asked him later how you did it. He replied, “Just be honest.” And then I decided that I had to learn everything. When I was young so as not to shoot, I would follow him, stand in a corner and watch him work.

Apart from that, Samara Tijori confided that she also learned to have fun on Boman film sets. She said she didn’t know you can play games on the set. It helped keep his mind calm. Samara also says that even though she is a star, she will definitely prove herself based on her talent.

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