Bad news came just days before Sonam Kapoor became a mother, father Anil Kapoor was also worried, this is the reason

Currently, Sonam Kapoor has a one-sided name in the whole film industry and everyone loves and respects her very much. Sonam Kapoor has earned many names in her life so far because Sonam Kapoor has given many hits in her film career so far and made people crazy with her acting and good looks. Speaking of Sonam Kapoor, she is the daughter of famous Bollywood actor, Anil Kapoor. A few months ago, there was news from Sonam Kapoor that she was going to become a mother, but recently, a few days before Sonam Kapoor’s mother, a bad news came out, after which everyone from Sonam Kapoor and her husband at the people of the house are worried. is submerged. Not only that, but her father Anil Kapoor has also expressed his concern about Sonam Kapoor and that is why she is being talked about all over the media at the moment. Next, let us tell you about this news about Sonam Kapoor in the article.

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Big news about Sonam Kapoor, now the whole family is worried

Sonam Kapoor is not interested in any identity at present and at the same time she is the daughter of very big and famous Bollywood actor Anil Kapoor who is known all over Bollywood at present and with Sonam Kapoor himself has given many successes in Bollywood. . Sonam Kapoor is currently making a lot of headlines about becoming a mother because she can become a mother anytime in a day or two and that’s why the media is all over the place right now with Anil Kapoor and his daughter Sonam Kapoor . discussion. Recently, just a few days before Sonam Kapoor is due to become a mother, a big news has emerged, due to which Sonam Kapoor is being talked about everywhere in the media and right now in the media, it is being discussed everywhere. Since this news came out about Sonam Kapoor, the whole Kapoor family here are worried that Sonam Kapoor’s in-laws are also very worried. Let us tell you later in the article why everyone is so worried before Sonam Kapoor becomes a mother and also tell this bad news brought by Sonam Kapoor.

This bad news made Sonam Kapoor, from father Anil to Sonam’s in-laws are also worried
Everyone knows that Sonam Kapoor is going to become a mother very soon, but meanwhile, recently, a big news came out about Sonam Kapoor, thanks to which she is being talked about all over the media at the moment. own discussion. The bad news about Sonam Kapoor is that thousands of rupees went missing in Sonam Kapoor’s house some time ago. Thanks to which Sonam Kapoor is talking about him everywhere in the media at the moment. Because of this, Sonam Kapoor’s husband goes around the station to get whoever did this to come forward as soon as possible. Anil Kapoor and Sonam Kapoor’s in-laws fear it will come down to them. This is the reason why, at present, only Anil Kapoor’s daughter, Sonam Kapoor, is in the media.

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