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  • The Neetu Kapoor-Anil Kapoor pair will be seen on screen
  • Revealed the secret of being evergreen

Known as Bollywood actor Jhakkas, Anil Kapoor is in many talks about his upcoming movie Jug-Jug Jio. Anil has been in the business for nearly 40 years, but he’s been enduring the box office strain. Not only that, Anil also shared his experience of being evergreen, working with Dharma for the first time.

Although he has been active in the industry for years, does Anil Kapoor remain tense about the success of his films? In response to that, says Anil, it depends on who I’m doing the film with. I’m sure of Jug Jug Jio. Yes, after making so many blockbuster early career films, the pressure automatically mounts. Especially there are tensions around such films, which are big budget. I’ve been in tension for many movies but I won’t take names.

Anil is shooting a movie with Dharma Productions for the first time. Because of being away from this production house for so many years, says Anil, this is my first film. I have a good relationship with Karan Johar’s father. At the start of my career, he offered me a film, which I didn’t like. I had refused. He felt very bad. This movie was released with Mr India. Every time we met, I told him that one day I will definitely work. Karan Johar also always used to say he had to work with you, but it never worked. Now they have worked together in the movie Jug Jug Jio.

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The young actress no longer wants to work

Working with Neetu Kapoor for the first time, Anil says, “I have known Neetu since the days of Rishi ji. When they first met on set, it was the feeling that someone was part of family. It’s Neetu ji’s comeback movie, so it worked for us. I have a great co-star. Who is good, beautiful and also dances. What happens is that the young heroine does not want to work with you. She wants to work with a hero younger than her. By the way, there are five to six actresses in such a list, who are beautiful and better than the younger ones. The name by Madhuri Dixit is the first of these five-six.

Varun Dhawan did not meet his father, traveled by car, train and car

Otherwise, people will start saying act like your age.

On the secret of its evergreen being, says Anil, this is the view of the people. They like it, but it’s not like that. Well, I’ve never been the victim of a misunderstanding before. I had convinced myself midway through my career that I couldn’t be a hero all the time. I’ve always chosen movies based on my age. I have never tried to stretch the rubber to the point of breaking it. Before people start talking and laughing at you, why not change the direction of your career by making your own decision. I made the right decision at the right time. I started doing roles that were made according to my age. I did movies like BB No. 1, Taal, No-Entry, Welcome, Dil Dhadakne Do. I was very happy and comfortable doing all of these characters. When you work happy, that happiness is visible on your face. You force yourself for this thing, which is not there, its stress is also visible. You make yourself a hero with the help of special effects, so now the public has started to understand that. You can fool the fans many times, but if you do it over and over again, the flight is taken. Now whoever asks me to play the role of Varun, how is it possible, I will only be his father. People say they behave like your age.

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