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One star who has created many great records over his 39-year career is Prem Nazir. It was he who recognized the Malayalam film industry across the country. He made many big records like most movies, most double roles, most triple roles and made about 130 movies with the same heroine. His acting was so strong that at some point every filmmaker was shooting a movie with him. As a result, in 1979 not only 2-3 but 39 films were released.

It was also hard to count the fans of Prem Nazir who brought the golden age of Malayalam cinema but alas, one fan’s negligence also became the reason for his death. After his death, a debate arose over whether he was a better artist or a social worker. The result could not come out, but everyone said that there would never be another star like Prem Nazir in the world of cinema.

In today’s untold story, read the story of Prem Nazir, who changed the map of Malayalam cinema and created golden history by teaching the lesson of humanity in cinema-

Prem Nazir was born on April 7, 1927 in Kerala to 2 brothers and 6 sisters. Prem was educated in Kadinamkulam and joined the theater troupe as soon as he went to college. During his college years, Prem took part in so many plays that he mastered acting. The first play of his career was The Merchant of Venice (1951), for which he won the prize for best actor. Prem made his film debut with the 1952 film Marumkal. In the very first film, he was credited as Abdul Kader instead of his real name, which was his real name. He gained popularity with his film Visappinte Willie, released the same year. Early in his career he worked in several films in association with Excel Productions, Uday and Maryland Studios.

Prem has become the favorite female hero of fame
Giving back-to-back successes, Prem Nazir established the image of a romantic hero and attained the status of the first Malayalam superstar. By the 1950s, Nazir had become an important face in Indian cinema by becoming an emerging artist. He had the greatest popularity among women. Between 1956 and 1976, Prem continued to act in social and religious films. His best films have brought recognition to the Malayalam film industry across the country.

Prem Nazir who made 900 films in 39 years
Prem has made around 900 films during his 39-year film career. In 1979, his maximum of 39 films were released, while in 1973 and 1977, 30–30 films were released. If viewed on average, they average 23 movies every year. This is the time when the number of rooms and screens was less. How Prem was able to shoot so many films in a year despite the lack of facilities is a question to ponder.

Prem Nazir, who holds the record for most films

  • In 1979, 39 Prem Nazir films were released.
  • Limca world record for having played the main role in more than 700 films
  • Work record with 85 heroines.
  • Until 1975, Prem worked with actress Sheela in 130 films. Prem considered Sheela his chance.
  • Prem Nazir has played dual roles in over 40 films. He also appeared in three triple role films.

If fame falls, you become a secondary hero
Even though Prem Nazir made many records till 70s but in early 80s his popularity was reduced with the arrival of superstars Jayan, Sukumaran, Shankar. Again, Prem did not give up and started the second run of his career playing a supporting role. Prem maintained his stardom even while playing supporting roles with big stars.

If the movie was a flop, he helped the producer
Prem Nazir’s presence has been called the golden age of the Malayalam film industry. These were the actors that if a movie was a flop, he would immediately ask the producer to start another movie. He used to squeeze dates out of his busy schedule and make movies from this producer, so the loss could be made up.

The star who took the Malayalam film industry to great heights
Today, where every person in the film industry sees themselves as a competitor, Prem Nazir was the one helping every person in the industry. Prem Nazir, with the help of Sasikumar, provided financial assistance to every bankrupt producer in the Malayalam industry, so that they could restart their careers.

The film in which he last played a lead role lasted a year in theaters.
The last time Prem appeared as a hero was in the 1985 film Velarikka Pattanam. The film was a blockbuster, which ran in theaters for a year. Prem could also get the National Best Actor Award for the film, but he lost the award by a single vote. The last movie of his career was Kadathandan Ambadi from 1990s.

If you enter the rally to help a friend, your health has deteriorated.

Prem Nazir stayed away from politics all his life, but he attended a rally to help his close friend. Prem was a diabetic, so due to lack of food and rest during the campaign, he got very sick. He was admitted to hospital after developing a peptic ulcer.

Fan love became the cause of death
When news of Prem Nazir’s hospitalization broke, there was a crowd outside the hospital. A fan who arrived at the hospital to meet Prem had measles, who arrived there after taking a bath. Bathing increases the risk of measles infection. As a result, Prem, who was admitted to hospital in critical condition, also fell victim to measles. The condition has become serious. Medicines were imported from abroad but there was no improvement. Finally, on the morning of January 16, 1989, at the age of 62, Prem Nazir left the world. His body was transported to Trivandrum before the flight and then to the village by special bus, where he was cremated with state honours.

Was he a better actor or a social worker?
More than movies, Prem Nazir was busy in social service. The debate went on for years over whether he was better actor or human. Eventually people accepted that he was a better social worker. Some leading actors associated with the film industry say that there will never be a person like Prem Nazir now. He was the only actor who paid equal attention to people from the small layers of the industry to the big layers.

There will be no other star like this in the world of cinema
It was Prem Nazir who helped his close friend Jayan become a superstar. When Jayan died in a helicopter crash in Kolikkam, Prem had his body sent from Chennai to Trivandrum by paying money.

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