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‘Regardless of the pitch, we need 20 wickets.’ The Indian team linked this mantra to former coach Ravi Shastri and the team leaders played an important role in its implementation. As a result, we started winning more Test matches abroad. Prior to 2000, our win percentage abroad was 8%, now it has risen to 46%.

Today we have world class fast bowlers. Of this, there are 5 bowlers who can bowl at 150+ speed. Now, if you consider dropping the pace a bit, i.e. 145+, then the team has about a dozen bowlers like this. Not only that, there are so many young fast bowlers knocking on Team India’s door.

Prior to 2005, we only had 5 bowlers capable of bowling over 145 speeds. Then we were only winning 33% of the games away. Now that we have a dozen fast bowlers, we have started winning 46% of away games.

Speaking of wickets, over the past decade fast bowlers have taken the most wickets at 922. This is the highest of the first 79 years. At the same time, spinners only have 877. Earlier in the seven decades, spin bowlers had the upper hand.

Won 9 tests in SENA countries in 4 years, before winning 8 in 17 years
India has won 18 tests on foreign soil in the last 8 years. These include historic wins at the Gabba, Centurion, Johannesburg, Oval. In 17 matches of the Test Championship, the Indian leaders won 303 wickets at an average of 22.15. From 2006 to present, the number of players who have played 145+ for India has increased amazingly. While only 5 bowlers who crossed 145+ before 2005 could bowl for India.

Youngsters like Avesh, Nagarkoti, Mavi with 145+ speed
The reason for the increase in the number of Test match wins on foreign soil was the strong hand of India’s pace attack, which kicked the ball in at 145+ velocity. The test team has an aggressive paced offense in the form of bowlers like Bumrah, Shami, Ishant, Siraj, Umesh. Emerging players like Saini, Natarajan, Avesh, Umran, Nagarkoti, Mavi also regularly play over 145 speed.

5 Bowler Strategy: We beat West Indies, England and South Africa
Due to Kohli’s aggressive thinking, the team started playing tests with 5 bowlers. The result was India beating Australia and West Indies in the Test series at home. 3 in England and d. Won 2 tests in Africa. Experts say Virat likes to play with fast bowlers. Dhoni also relied on spinners in foreign countries. As Team India manager, Ravi Shastri used to say, “Whatever the pitch, we need 20 wickets.

According to experts – young bowlers learn fast
IPL legend Dale Steyn told Umran Malik: “Don’t worry about the length of the line. Pay attention to the strength. Bowl as fast as you can. Former Caribbean fast bowler, Ian Bishop, says: “Young bowlers like Umran learn fast. In addition to his speed in the IPL, there is also an emphasis on line length. This prepares them for international level.”

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