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If you think remaking a Southern movie is a profitable business, then you’re absolutely wrong. There’s no need to redo all the Southern films and that tells us Shilpa Shetty’s latest film, Nikamma. South Star Nani’s Middle Class Abbai aka MCA movie remake released in 2017 was good even though it was not rendered useless. This movie is very boring and full of gimmicks. In this review, we tell what the shortcomings of this film are.

There is no special power in the story

The story of the film is about a dysfunctional boy, who just wants comfort and money in his life. Although the middle class family was shown in the story, but Adi (Abhimanyu Dasani) still demands 10,000 rupees to obey each family member and he gets this money immediately. Adi is troubled by the arrival of his new sister-in-law, Avni (Shilpa Shetty), as her brother’s attention has been taken away from her.

The kind of insecure person, etc., he decides to leave the house. Adi who hates his sister-in-law has to come at once and stay with his sister-in-law. After that, he learns that his sister-in-law Avni is not exactly what he thinks. On the other hand, Avni is engaged in teaching a town goon a lesson. In such a situation, when she is built on Avni’s life, Adi, having learned the truth, brings her to save her and laughs at the moron. Which was right then the heckling begins. Ohhh, and Adi is also a superhero. He never forgets what he sees and hears once. Maybe even see the future. I don’t know how this character was written.

There is no particular power in the story of the film. You get angry seeing a lot of things. There comes a time when Avni and Adi forget a very important person in the save-save process. The angle of romance is also shown there. Adi falls in love with Natasha aka Nikki (Shirley Setia). Neither there is anything special in their love, nor their romance good. The two refer to each other as Nibba-Nibby as Qt and Beauty. Along with this, Natasha also disappears from the movie in between and you forget that she is also part of the movie.

Excess spoils the mood

I saw Abhimanyu Dassani for the first time in the movie ‘Mard Ko Dard Nahi Hota’. Reminiscent of the 90s era and paying homage to that era in a good way, Abhimanyu’s work was very good in this movie. His acting, romance, and comedy with Radhika Madan were all excellent. But here Abhimanyu Dialogue speaks so playfully that it seems the boy is making noise. He used acting lessons from his first film here. That’s why the action scenes in the movie are always good. But where Adi’s character comes from with so much strength and how he has to fight so hard that he kills 10-10 goons by blowing them up is beyond my understanding. And do you have to slip everywhere?

Shirley Setia will have to work harder because just being cute doesn’t do her job well. From the first scene to the last, Shirley’s work was unforgettable. It doesn’t matter even if she wasn’t in this movie, her role was so ineffective and unnecessary. Shilpa Shetty gave such a loose performance in this movie that I’m too lazy to complain about it. If Abhimanyu Dassani overplayed, Shilpa underperformed. Shilpa does better than that as a judge on her reality show.

Abhimanyu Singh appeared as the film’s villain. Earlier he was seen in the movie Bachchan Pandey and he did a million times better job there than in that movie. Because Abhimanyu Singh is just screaming in this movie. His job is to kill people and when he’s not killing people he’s ready to kill himself with a gun pointed at his forehead. The film also stars Sameer Soni, who was only used for the plot and has no work. Actor Vikram Gokhale played a small role in Nikamma and his work was very good. Efforts are made to show emotional drama and waste in the rest of the film.


Sabbir Khan directed this film and I wonder what he thought when he embarked on this project. Neither the actors are able to do the kind of actors in the film nor the director made a good direction. Looking at Sabbir’s movie description, it says it’s an action comedy movie. It wasn’t a good joke in the name of comedy. The characters of the film arrive at the Regional Office of Transport by strolling. Other than that, Avni and Adi stay at home. All things in the world happen in these two places in the film.

After facing the first half, you won’t want to see your second half. The second half sucks even more than the first and there is nothing special to see. Looking at the characters ignoring the very obvious things, the only thing that comes to mind is “I have to go home (Imagine Alia Bhatt’s Raazi Wala meme).”

And how happily are so many cricket references inserted into the film? Everyone talks about hitting six and four.

music is useless

This movie is boring from start to finish. You only get irritation after watching the game, the melodrama, the emotional drama. In one scene, Sameer Soni says you will keep doing emotional drama or move on. There are six songs in this movie and none of them are good. Na koi romantic song and party song. Ek Nikamma Song remake comes at the end of the movie, but after watching this movie, you are so baked that you don’t want to stop to watch and listen to it at all.

So overall I had a bad morning on this movie, which I’ll never make up for. I could see and do a lot more in those two and a half hours of my life, but alas.

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