Mahima Chaudhary's film career was ruined by a painful accident

Untold story of Mahima Chaudhry: The news of Mahima Chaudhry’s cancer had left her fans very disappointed. Although the actress is recovering from this illness and is expected to return to the film industry once again after making a full recovery. You have all seen the smiling face of Mahima Chaudhry. She made her image in the industry as a very lively and cool woman, but few people know how much pain hides behind that smiling face. While Mahima’s first love remained incomplete, after reaching the pinnacle of her career, a painful accident ruined her entire life.

The incomplete love story of Mahima Chaudhary:

Yes, Mahima Chaudhary, who made his Bollywood debut with the film ‘Pardes’, gave heart to player Leander Paes. The news of the love of the two was much discussed in the media. Meanwhile, Leander Paes’ inclination towards actress Rhea Pillai also began to increase. Mahima didn’t like the closeness of the two and she broke up with Leander Paes.

Failed marriage:

Mahima Chaudhry married in 2006 to architect businessman Bobby Mukherjee. They also have a daughter Ariana. Bobby and Mahima’s married life was going happily that in 2013 news of their separation also came. Mahima had revealed in one of his interviews what was the reason for the breakdown of their marriage. Mahima said she started having a lot of disagreements with Bobby. Bobby did not support Mahima even in difficult days, due to which the two divorced.

A traumatic accident ruined his film career

After the divorce from her husband, Mahima again tried to make a comeback in Bollywood but she could not get any good projects. At the same time, in an interview, Mahima also revealed a painful accident that happened to her, which broke her physically and mentally. At that time, Mahima was shooting for the film “Dil Kya Kare”, directed by Prakash Jha. She was seen in this movie along with Ajay Devgan and Kajol. Mahima was in Bangalore at that time. One day, while she was on her way to a shoot, a truck hit her car at high speed. This accident was so horrific that the car window shattered and flowed into Mahima’s face. At that time, there was little hope of survival for Mahima. As soon as Mahima arrived at the hospital where the doctors treated her.

67 pieces of glass came out of the face after the accident

Mahima had said in this interview that when she first saw the mirror after the accident, her senses were blown away. There were only stitches all over her face. The doctor performed his operation and removed 67 pieces of glass from his face. Mahima was absolutely forbidden to stay in the light, because of which she stayed in the dark room for a long time. The sun or any type of light could leave a mark on his face, due to which he imprisoned himself in a dark room.

Now she will be making a comeback after beating cancer

Before this accident, Mahima Chaudhry had many Bollywood projects in his hands, but due to a bad face, the makers took the job away from him. In these difficult times, Ajay Devgn was at the side of Mahima Chaudhry. After this accident, Mahima was settling into her life that now the news of her cancer has shattered her. However, Mahima makes a comeback after defeating this disease as well.

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