EXCLUSIVE: Allu Arjun's first Hindi film stamped, pan-Indian photo given to this director

Telugu cinema superstar Allu Arjun’s debut Hindi movie plan has been decorated. Director and producer Karan Johar is to cast Allu Arjun in Hindi cinema. Allu Arjun will produce this film under the banner of his in-house production company Geeta Arts. Apart from Tamil, Kannada and Malayalam, talks about casting veteran Hindi actors in the film have started. Allu Arjun’s father, Allu Aravind, is the real captain of this film and he is also in talks with other big companies of different languages ​​in the country for this film.

Bhansali’s project on the sidelines

After the resounding success of Allu Arjun’s latest film “Pushpa Part One”, i.e. “Pushpa: The Rise” in Hindi, Allu Arjun is gearing up for a hard-hitting Hindi film. In March, she came to Mumbai and met some of the veteran producers of Hindi cinema. Allu Arjun had also met Sanjay Leela Bhansali apart from Karan Johar, the director of Dharma Productions. Then in the project that Karan Johar proposed to Allu, he wanted to take Allu Arjun only as an actor, which he refused. She also declined to work with Ranveer Singh in Bhansali’s upcoming film Baiju Bawra.

,pushpa part 2, The movie will start after

Now, according to information ‘Amar Ujala’ has received from Telugu film sources, the shooting of Allu Arjun’s first pan-Indian film could start by the end of this year. This film will begin shortly after filming for his in-progress film ‘Pushpa Part 2’ i.e. ‘Pushpa: The Rule’ is completed. Many veteran Hindi film investors met with Allu Arjun’s father, Allu Aravind to invest in his first pan-Indian film. But, Karan Johar remained at the forefront of this race. Allu Aravind-owned Geeta Arts’ deal with Dharma Productions in this regard is all but confirmed.

Heartfelt words from ‘Amar Ujala’

Shortly after the release of the movie “Pushpa Part One”, when “Amar Ujala” asked Allu Arjun if your doors also opened for Hindi cinema? So his answer was, ‘Yes, indeed I opened my doors to Hindi cinema. If someone really comes across a good proposal for a Hindi movie, I’m ready to do it. If something good comes to me from Hindi cinema, I am always ready. It was Allu Arjun’s first time getting interested in Hindi cinema and it was only after this interview with ‘Amar Ujala’ that Hindi cinema producer directors started contacting Allu Arjun.

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Location Kanagaraj will take command

Allu Arjun fans will jump when they hear the name of the director of the pan-Indian film he said yes to. According to sources, director Lokesh Kanagaraj, busy filming his next film with Tamil actor Vijay, got the chance to direct Allu Arjun’s first multilingual film after the resounding success of “Kaithi” and “Master”. Lokesh’s movie ‘Vikram’ is causing a sensation at the box office these days. Shortly after wrapping up filming for his next proposal with actor Vijay, Lokesh will be gearing up for actor Allu Arjun’s first all-India film.

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