BSNL New Plan List 2022

BSNL will offer unlimited data and free calls in just Rs 99, BSNL Ka Sabse Sasta Recharge Plan, BSNL has brought the cheapest recharge plan ever, know what cheap plans BSNL is going to launch apart from this plan.

BSNL is one such telecom company known nationwide for its cheap top-up plans. By the way, besides BSNL, there are also such telecommunications companies as Jio, Vodafone-Idea, Airtel, etc. The recharge plans of all these companies are very expensive, due to which people have started to like BSNL very much. Previously, people didn’t like BSNL so much. Now slowly people are being attracted to BSNL’s cheap recharge plans.

For this reason, BSNL’s customers are also increasing a lot. Recently, a new recharge plan has been launched by BSNL company, which is so great that other telecom companies might be shocked to learn about this recharge plan.

BSNL New Plan List 2022

Enjoy 1GB of data for just Rs.49

• If you can’t get a more expensive recharge and also want to enjoy internet, such customers can get a Rs 49 recharge. In the Rs 49 recharge plan, you also get 1 GB of data and 100 voice call minutes with a validity of 20 days.

• Especially those who use a small phone with a keypad, then they can take this recharge plan. Because with less money you will not get recharge from any company with 20 days validity.

The Rs 87 recharge plan is even more special

• Customers who need to use 1GB of internet daily, such customers can also get a recharge of Rs.87. In this top-up plan, you will receive 1 GB of internet data daily with a validity of 14 days. If we don’t talk about the recharge plans of other companies, you will not get this facility in the recharge of any company that is part of it.

• The biggest advantage of this top-up plan is that when your 1GB internet data runs out, then you can use the internet at the speed of 40 KBPS.

• Not only that, you will also get unlimited voice calls in the top up plan of Rs.87. With the help of this you will be able to call anywhere and anytime for free, apart from this you will also get the option of 100 SMS per day.

The Rs 99 recharge plan is the most attractive

• Customers who want unlimited voice calls as well as unlimited internet data, such customers can take a top-up plan of Rs.99. In this recharge plan, you will benefit from the possibility of unlimited voice calls with a validity of 22 days.

• In addition to unlimited voice calls, you will also get unlimited internet data in this top-up plan. For customers who use the internet all day, this Rs 99 recharge plan can prove very beneficial.

Huge profit will be available in 147 rupees

• If you are looking for a cheaper plan with a validity of 30 days, you can get a recharge of Rs 147. The recharge plan of Rs 147 is the most attractive recharge plan for BSNL customers.

• In this top-up plan, you get 10 GB of data and unlimited voice calls. Moreover, in this recharge plan, you will also get BSNL Tunes which you can easily enjoy for 1 month.

• For your information, note that you will not benefit from SMS in this top-up plan. In this, you will only enjoy unlimited voice calls and internet.

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