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Boat is a company known worldwide for its excellent design and quality headphones. Not only headphones, but many kinds of home theater, sound bar, wireless headphones and other equipments are also produced by boat company, which are highly praised by every customer. no problem. by.

Recently, new headphones have been launched by the Boat company itself, which have also become available for sale in India. It is said that as soon as these headphones are launched, there is a lot of demand for them in the market. Next, we give you complete information about what these headphones are so that every customer will love them so much.

Boat New Earbuds was launched with the best design

• Boat launched headphones are named Airdopes 191G Gaming TWS boat. They were launched with a great design. If you look at the headphones once, you will decide to buy them at first sight. Because when you walk out of the house putting them in your ear, every person who sees them will definitely ask you where you bought them from.

• For your information, let us tell you that a part of these earphones is also transparent, thanks to which they are very attractive. Apart from this, LED lighting has also been added to it, thanks to which the appearance of the ear cups increases even more.

Airdopes 191G Gaming TWS boat launched with great battery

• If we talk about the battery of these headphones, then you will be surprised to know that once they are fully charged, they can be used continuously for 6 hours. Not only that, you also get a case with headphones that provides 4 charge cycles.

• A 400mAh battery has been provided in the earbuds, which is a very good battery according to the earbuds. If we talk about the total battery life of these headphones, these headphones have a battery life of 30 hours.

• Other than that, you get a quad mic setup for ENx technology, Bluetooth 5.2 as well as a waterproof installation in the headphones. This means you can use the headphones even in the rain.

boat Airpods 191G Price

• If we talk about the price of these headphones, you can buy these headphones for a low price of Rs 1,499 only. These headphones are available on Amazon, Flipkart and all other e-commerce sites. You can get them through any website in black, blue, red, gray, etc.

• Children who like to play games a lot, this can be a very good option for them. Because they are gaming headphones that also completely protect children’s ears.

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