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  • Horror is the story of Javed Iqbal
  • How did an ordinary man become a serial killer?

After a successful world premiere at the UK Film Festival, Javed Iqbal: The Untold Story of a Serial Killer has been selected for the Berlin International Film Festival. The film about the life of a serial killer has not yet been released in Pakistan. But director Abu Aliha decided to stream Javed Iqbal on OTT platform, so that Pakistanis can comfortably watch this movie online.

Who is Javed Iqbal?
Many of these stories are heard in real life, which shook a person from the inside. Javed Iqbal’s story is also similar. Javed was that ruthless serial killer from Pakistan, who had sworn to kill 100 children, which he also accomplished. After killing 100 innocent people, the fearsome serial killer turned himself in to the police.

Why did it cost the lives of children?
The year is 1999. Pakistani Javed Iqbal wrote a letter to the editor of an Urdu-language newspaper in Lahore, in which he confessed to sexually assaulting and killing 100 children. Not only that, Javed, having become a human, had strangled the corpses of these children by pouring acid. How many children did the serial killer kill. Either they were orphans or they had run away from home.

Yasir Hussain as Javed Iqbal

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Yasir Hussain as Javed Iqbal

The question is, how can a person take someone’s life so ruthlessly. The reason Iqbal did this was his mother. It is said that many years ago Iqbal was involved in a fake rape case. He kept telling himself his innocence in front of the police, but no one was listening to him. Although innocent, her mother was punished by society she did not deserve. At the same time, by the time Iqbal returned home, it was too late. Here Iqbal was imprisoned in a rape case and on the other hand his mother had said goodbye to the world. Javed Iqbal could not tolerate knowing his mother in the world, after which he swore to make all mothers cry and became a serial killer.

Yasir Hussain as Javed Iqbal

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Real Javed Iqbal

The film about Pakistan’s serial killer premiered on January 25 at Newplex Cinema in Karachi. The premiere brought together the actors of the film as well as many others. But the very next day, the film’s director, Abu Aliha, said on social media that the Punjab government had banned the film from theatres. Meanwhile, after the love met at the film festival, Abu Aliha decided to bring Javed Iqbal to OTT. Are you ready to see the movie?

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