Mukesh Khanna: 300 crore film to be made on 'Shaktimaan', Mukesh Khanna's first disclosure on Sony Pictures deal

Actor Mukesh Khanna, who shot to worldwide fame playing the lead role in BR Chopra’s ‘Mahabharata’ and the lead role in his own series ‘Shaktimaan’, is busy with social work these days. He wants the entire Hindu society to go to the nearest temple every Tuesday and collectively recite Hanuman Chalisa. The government should teach free to all and arrange for free treatment for all. Amidst all of this, there has been talk of Mukesh Khanna’s character “Shaktimaan” joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Now he has spoken openly to ‘Amar Ujala’ about it.

Actor Mukesh Khanna these days ‘Juma ki namaz hai, Sunday ko mass hai, so why is nothing happening in India?’ The statement is under discussion. He says, “If Muslims can meet on Friday to offer Friday prayers and Christians can pray while going to church on Sunday, then why can’t Hindus go to the temple on a weekday? and pray collectively? I suggest that once a week, on Tuesday, all Hindus go to the nearest temple and chant Om. I have nothing to do with who does what. I just want our Hindus to chant Om once a week.

On the education system of the country, Mukesh Khanna said that the weakness in education is not only that of Hindus, but the weakness of all Muslims and minorities. Education is expensive here. The farmer is unable to educate his son because he has no money. He says, “I have said many times that education should be free and compulsory. People exploit him because he is uneducated. The impact of education is on the poor all over India, we will have to bear the brunt of it as we have not prioritized education. Likewise, the medical facilities are also not good in our country. Like education, treatment must also be free, today there is a difference of five minutes between life and death, if a man has no money, he must die. This is not the case in other countries, where it is necessary to save lives first.

Mukesh Khanna has licensed the rights to his popular ‘Shaktimaan’ series to Sony Pictures. Mukesh Khanna says: “This project came to me after many years. People were telling me to do Shaktimaan 2. I didn’t want to bring Shaktimaan back to TV. If there had been discussions inside, I would have joined the Sony people, they also made it public and so did I. People ask what is happening now? Now what do I tell people because this is a big movie at least three hundred crores. I can’t say much about that until everyone is under contract.

Mukesh Khanna says: “This movie is made by the creators of Spider-Man. But, Shaktimaan will be desi. I prepared the story of the film in my own way. My only condition with him was that you didn’t change the story. People ask who will become Shaktimaan? This is also a very big question in itself, which I will not answer, but it is also certain that without Mukesh Khanna he will not become Shaktimaan. Because if someone else becomes powerful, then the whole country will not accept it. When asked if a Hollywood director will helm the film? Mukesh Khanna said that if the story of the film is India’s then the director will be too because the outside director will not be able to understand India’s history.

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