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  • 21 years of Lagaan: Amitabh, Aamir rejected the film calling it a flop, Javed Akhtar advised not to make this Oscar-nominated film

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The film Lagaan, directed by Ashutosh Gowariker, turns 21 today. Aamir Khan, Gracy Singh were in the lead role of this movie. It was the third Indian film to be nominated for the Oscars after Mother India and Salaam Bombay. In fact, this film was inspired by the 1957 film Naya Daur, directed by BR Chopra. The film Lagaan achieved cult classic status, even though it was at one point impossible to make.

Stars like Aamir Khan and Amitabh Bachchan anticipated it would be a flop and were rejected, but Ashutosh Gowariker did not give up and directed the film. Today, on the special occasion of the film’s 21-year completion, let us know some special stories related to the film and its making-

Aamir Khan rejected the film

Lagaan is considered one of the best films of Aamir Khan’s acting career, although Aamir did not want to make this film. When Ashutosh first approached Aamir with the script for the film, he turned down the film saying that the people of the country did not want to see a film set about cricket. After listening to the script for 5 minutes, Aamir stopped and said, this story is very strange, give me another story.

In his insistence, Ashutosh again reached Aamir with the script

Ashutosh wanted to cast Aamir in the film. Even after Aamir’s rejection, he didn’t give up and came back after three months with the full script. This time, Aamir said teasingly, you’re still working on the same script. When Ashutosh insisted, Aamir listened to the script. This time, Aamir got emotional after reading the story, but he still refused saying the movie probably wouldn’t be a hit.

Ashutosh continued to reach Aamir daily after making changes to the script. One day Aamir asked the parents to tell the script. Ashutosh agreed. When Aamir’s parents heard the film, they were in tears. At the request of the parents, Aamir accepted the film.

No producer was ready to make the film

Ashutosh needed a producer for the Lagaan film, but every producer refused. If some are to be believed, provided the film’s budget is further reduced by 25 crores. When no one agreed, Aamir Khan helped Ashutosh and produced the film. For this, Aamir Khan launched his production company Aamir Khan Films.

Before Aamir, these actors also rejected the film

Initially Ashutosh wanted to cast Shah Rukh Khan, Bobby Deol, Hrithik Roshan and Abhishek Bachchan as Bhuvan but everyone turned down the film. At the same time, before Gracy Singh, the film was offered to Rani Mukerji, Sonali Bendre, Nandita Das, Shamita Shetty and Ameesha Patel.

Javed Akhtar advised not to make a movie

When Ashutosh Gowariker contacted Javed Akhtar to write the songs for the film, he made it clear that the film would not work. He even advised Ashutosh and Aamir not to flop this movie. Eventually, this film was made, the result of which is in front of everyone.

Amitabh Bachchan refused to do the film out of superstition

Amitabh was approached to tell the story in the film. His voice was supposed to be used in the film, but he turned it down. Amitabh told Aamir that all the movies he has voiceovered in have been flops. When Aamir stuck to his insistence, Big B also agreed. Eventually he said yes and his superstition turned out to be wrong.

These are also special things related to the movie-

  • The film won 8 National Awards, 8 Filmfare Awards, 8 Screens Awards and 10 IIFA Awards.
  • There is a group named Lagaan 11 on Aamir’s WhatsApp, which still has people associated with the movie.
  • During the filming of the movie, the whole crew used to ride the bus for 6 months listening to Gayatri Mantra.
  • Lagaan holds the record for most British actors cast in a single film.
  • Aamir used to sit in the sun for many hours to get into the character of Bhuvan, due to which his complexion became dark.
  • Lagaan was the first Indian film to record a synchronized sound recording, i.e. dialogue and sound during the filming itself.
  • The shooting of the film lasted from January to June. During this time, the team also shot in a post-winter 50 degree temperature.

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