टोयोटा की इस कॉन्सेप्ट EV ने जीता 2022 कार डिजाइन अवॉर्ड, जानें क्या है खास

The old and legendary car manufacturer like Maruti does not have a single electric car on the market yet. There are also companies like Honda, Hyundai, Toyota in this list. Although Hyundai initially launched a Kona electric car, but after this car, Hyundai did not do anything new in the electric car. But if these companies maintain a similar attitude towards electric cars, it may be that in the coming times, new companies will be able to enter the electric car market. Otherwise, these companies will also have to work quickly on their EV plan.Read also – Small in appearance but operates such that it does not manage to become large, this small car fills up without petrol or diesel, see its pretty photos

In fact, it has become clear since the entry of dozens of companies towards electric vehicles and in this segment that in the times to come, electric cars are poised to dominate. This is the reason why almost all car manufacturers bring the concept of their electric model. These concepts will also launch after some time with minor changes. How much better is the concept of the company, its competition is also there. Toyota’s Compact Cruiser EV won this year’s 2022 Automotive Design Award. Read also – Before trapping the money, waiting for these SUVs, set to arrive in June, can be a big advantage

In Milan, Italy, this Toyota concept car received the Best Design award from Auto & Design magazine. Let us know that Toyota will launch 30 electric vehicles on the market by 2030. Also Read – Before You Buy An SUV, Wait Until July 1, Toyota’s Cool Car Is Coming, Front Look Leaked

Toyota will release more images of this retro-styled off-road compact cruiser SUV in the future. The categories in which this Toyota SUV made its mark include Audi Skysphere, Porsche Mission R, Volvo Concept Recharge, Polestar O2, Lexus Electrified Sport (Many cars including Lexus Electrified Sport), IED Alpine A4810 (IED Alpine A4810) were involved.


Toyota’s compact EV cruiser was designed by the Toyota Europe Design Development Center in Nice, France. The design of the EV compact cruiser appears to match the first generation of Toyota’s popular Land Cruiser SUV. However this is only a concept. After that, its conceptual model will be presented. After that, it will be produced after making the changes deemed necessary.

Keeping the retro theme in mind, this EV compact cruiser has fixed horizontal LED headlights in a grille with lettering that gives it a J80 Land Cruiser-style face. Then there is the massive front bumper with a large silver skid plate and raised, square wheel arches. It is clear from its appearance and characteristics that it is an SUV.

No information has been revealed regarding the technical specifications of this compact EV cruiser from Toyota. However, it could be based on the electrified version of Toyota’s TNGA platform. The car is expected to receive a twin-motor configuration with all-wheel drive (AWD). Although it’s just a concept for now, the Toyota Compact Cruiser EV could hit the automotive market in the coming years. Once launched, this compact EV cruiser can challenge the Ford Bronco Sport and the next-generation Jeep Renegade in the international market.

Trying to get a foothold in the compact SUV

Toyota may soon introduce its Urban Cruiser Hyder compact SUV in the Indian market. This car is under discussion to be introduced in early July. Speaking of launch, this car will be launched around the Diwali festive season. Toyota is also working on the next generation Innova which may be launched around this festive season.

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