Astral The stock has been in base building mode throughout the year. However, since the beginning of this year, i.e. 2022, this stock has become the bears’ favorite “Sell on Rise” stock. But the stock has delivered excellent long-term returns to its shareholders, despite falling sharply over the past year. Astral share price has risen from Rs 25.75 to Rs 1632.60 on NSE over the past 10 years. It has seen an increase of more than 6,000% during this period.

Astral Multibagger Stock Price Chart

If we look at the share price account, in the last month, the Astral share price has fallen from Rs 1712 to the level of Rs 1632. It has declined by around 5% over this period. Meanwhile, so far this year, Astral’s share price has fallen from Rs 2,332 to Rs 1,632. It has seen a drop of around 30% over this period.

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Looking at the period of the last 6 months, this stock fell from Rs 2265 to Rs 1632 with a decline of around 28% during this period. However, over the past year, the Astral share price has fallen from around Rs 1950 to Rs 1632. In this way, this stock has witnessed a drop of around 16% over this period.

On the other hand, this stock has given multibagger returns to its shareholders over the past 5 years. Over the past 5 years, Astral share price has risen from around Rs.415 to Rs.1632. It grew around 290% during this period or gave a CAGR of around 31.50% for shareholders who remained invested in it during this period.

Similarly, over the past 10 years, this stock multibagger has gone from around Rs 25.75 to Rs 1632.60 on NSE. It has risen around 6,000% during this period or offers a CAGR of 51.43% or annualized returns to shareholders who have remained invested in it during this period.

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Multibagger stock yielded Rs 63 lakh in 10 years instead of Rs 1 lakh

If an investor had stayed in this multibagger stock 10 years ago by investing Rs 1 lakh, then his Rs 1 lakh would have become more than Rs 63 lakh today.

According to news published in Mint, the current market capitalization of Astral shares is Rs 32,837 crore. Its trading volume on Tuesday was around 3 lakhs, which is slightly higher than the average trading volume for the past 20 days of around 2.95 lakhs. Astral shares posted a 52-week high of Rs 2524.95 while its 52-week low of Rs 1601.55 per share on NSE.

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