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  • 48,390 crores for IPL media rights. earn income from
  • Two and a half months for IPL in the next ICC FTP

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has garnered an unprecedented revenue of Rs 48,390 crore for Indian Premier League (IPL) media rights for 5 years. Despite this, Secretary Jay Shah is not surprised. He pointed out that the most talked about T20 league has the potential to contribute more. He said that in the next ICC FTP, there will be a delay of two and a half months for the IPL.

Aggressive bidding for IPL media rights

Jay Shah told PTI that there will be a two and a half month window for the IPL in the upcoming International Cricket Council (ICC) Future Tour Program (FTP). Asked about the aggressive bidding for IPL’s media rights, Shah said: “I’m really happy with the kind of numbers we have. It shows the phenomenal growth potential of Indian cricket.

He said: “The promotion of digital India has changed the way cricket is perceived in India. Proof of this has been seen in auctions for digital rights. This time, BCCI had kept the base price for media rights at Rs 32,500 crore, double what it was five years ago. And Shah was sure to get more money than that.

so that all the best international cricketers can participate

“BCCI never felt that the base price was too high. You have to understand that in 2018 there were 60 games. For the next cycle, we will have 410 matches. You should also study digital effects. There were around 56 million digital viewers in 2017 and that number grew to 66.5 in 2021. You expect it to grow even more in the coming years.

In 2027, 94 matches will be played in the IPL and on its management and impact on international cricket, Shah said: “It’s something we have been working on. Let us tell you that at From the next ICC FTP schedule, IPL will have an official window of two and a half months, so that all the best international cricketers can participate.We have spoken with various councils as well as ICC.

Rejected talk of declining audience

Dismissing talk of a 30 per cent drop in IPL viewership, he said: “IPL viewership was very high in 2020 and 2021 because live cricket was a good entertainment medium at the time. era of Covid-19.” This year, when the effect of Covid-19 subsided, people started coming out of the house. But this did not reduce the number of viewers. People enjoyed matches in places like restaurants and pubs. The number of viewers on digital media has increased considerably. Indian international cricket will be affected due to the long IPL season but Shah said BCCI is committed to international cricket.

He said: “Indian cricket will be strong as long as world cricket is strong. I assure you that. BCCI is committed to international cricket and it’s not just big series like India v Australia or India v England, we are also committed to playing in smaller countries. All bilateral international commitments will be respected in all formats. We play two T20 Internationals against Ireland this month.

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