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  • AI Chatbot is quite advanced as claimed
  • Google called the claims completely false

Is Google hiding something from us? We do not ask this question. Users are discussing it on the internet. Recently, a Google engineer claimed that the company’s AI chatbot can think and react like a human. After which the company sent this engineer on paid leave.

What is the problem?

Google AI engineer Blake Lemoine has posted transcripts of himself and Google’s LaMDA AI chatbot development system. After which he was sent on paid leave last week. He said about the system that it is sensitive and can express its point of view.

His feelings are like those of a human child. According to the Washington Post report, he also shared the LaMDA conversation with Google officials. They called it Is LaMDA sensitive? Google Doc is shared by file name.

The AI ​​engineer asked the chatbot what he was afraid of. The chatbot’s response to this was quite shocking. The chatbot said that when turned off, it feels like death to him. He has never talked about it before, but he is very afraid of it.

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According to the Medium post report, during the second conversation, the engineer asked him what he wanted people to know. On this subject, he said that he wanted everyone to understand that he is a human. Due to its nature, it is aware of its existence. He wants to know more and more about the world. He can feel both happy and sad.

The company took action after the chat came out

According to the Washington Post report, software engineer Lemoine was sent to Red Leave because of this act. The company said she was suspended for violating company policy because she posted online regarding LaMDA. Google said it was hired as a software engineer, not an ethicist.

A Google spokesperson said Lemoine’s claim that LaMDA has human fillings is false. His team looked into that. The evidence he provided does not support his assertions.

Google has already taken action against those who raised this issue: Lemoine

On Medium Post, Lemoine claimed he could also be fired from his job. He said members of Google’s AI ethics group were suspended like him for raising the issue of AI sensitivity.

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