If this note is in the safe then it will make you rich, here see this nifty trick to sell it for lakhs

New Delhi. Do you know that the old notes you have with you can make you rich i.e. you can be a millionaire just sitting. If you do not know, today we are going to tell you about it with complete information. Sometimes it happened that you threw the unworkable notes as trash or threw them in 10 days. Or, considering them useless, they keep an old piggy bank or somewhere. But today we will tell you how much money these tickets can earn you in exchange. If you have old bills and coins in your piggy bank and purse, get them out quickly because you can make a lot of money out of them. There are some websites in the international market these days buying old banknotes and coins with high bids.

If you have a pink colored ₹20 note with the number 786 written on it. Then your sprain is about to come. Because this ticket can be auctioned for thousands of rupees. Certain conditions have also been retained for the sale of this ticket, which must be respected. With this, you can easily earn a hefty sum of up to ₹3 lakh. If you have ₹20 tickets, ₹600,000 will be readily available. These can be easily sold on eBay. This website is intended for the sale of old banknotes or coins. There is no shortage of people who believe in the same religion and the same destiny.

The number 786 is considered to be of great importance in Islam. The Muslim population considers it very sacred, although different religious experts have different opinions regarding 786. Not only Muslims, but people from all caste communities regard the number 786 as lucky for themselves.

That is why such a price has been retained for these tickets, so if you have also kept tickets of this number with you, then instead of keeping them. Hurry up and auction them off so you can both get rich.

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  • If this note is in the safe then it will make you rich, here see this nifty trick to sell it for lakhs

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