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  • Krishna cried apologizing to his maternal uncle
  • Photos of Govinda-Krishna go viral
  • Kashmir the reason for the dispute between Govinda-Krishna?

…so finally the day has come when the cold war between the film industry’s most popular maternal uncle and nephew has come to an end. You do not understand ? Hey Chi Chi Mama Govinda has finally forgiven her beloved nephew Krushna Abhishek. The tension has gone on between the two for years. To persuade Ruthe Mama, Krishna was seen publicly apologizing several times. Huge credit for the patch-up between the two goes to well-known host Maniesh Paul. He did what everyone else failed.

Patchup on Maniesh Paul’s show

Maniesh Paul’s podcast show witnessed this historic patchup. In this broadcast, Krishna had apologized to his maternal uncle Govinda while crying. After Krishna, now Govinda participated in Maniesh Paul’s show. He openly accepted his nephew’s apology. Manish Paul shared Govinda’s video on social media, in which he tells the actor – Krishna came here and apologized. Sir, if you have something to say to him, say it. This is my request.

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Govinda forgives her nephew

Govinda while talking about Krishna Abhishek’s apology said: For Krishna you are my favorite sister’s children for Aarti. I received a lot of love from my sister. You could not enjoy this pleasure. I am really sorry. But I’m not that you should be upset because of any of my behavior. You are not that either. Always have those excuses to yourself. Please relax, no problem with you. God bless you, all the best, keep working hard.

Krishna Abhishek’s reaction also came on this Manish Paul video. He showered his maternal uncle with love in the comment box. Krishna wrote – I love you too very much. After that, the comedian also performed a heart emoji.

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What did Krishna Abhishek say?
Krushna Abhishek while apologizing to Mama Govinda on Maniesh Paul show said – Chichi Mama, I love you very much. I miss you a lot. Never go to the newspapers and such things as what came in the media and what is written. I will only say one thing that I miss you very much. I want my babies to play with my mom. Krishna was crying while uttering his words.

When did the argument between the two begin?
From the year 2016, the relationship between Govinda and Krishna started to crack. Govinda made a comeback with Jagga Jasoos. He went to Kapil’s show instead of Krishna’s show to promote his film. Then, in 2018, Kashmira said people were dancing for money. According to Sunita, Kashmera provoked Govinda by saying this. Since then, the paths of the two families had separated. Sunita and Kashmira Shah had said a lot to each other publicly. When Govinda reached Kapil’s show with her family, Krishna was not part of that episode.

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