Bullish pundits on these 6 mid-cap stocks amid market volatility can earn high returns.  Zee Business

Midcap Stocks: Given the signs of weakness received from global markets, the Indian stock market is also trending lower. Indian stock markets break for 2 consecutive days. However, volatility was seen in the market during Tuesday’s trading session. In such a situation, it is important to decide which stocks to invest in and where to buy. On the stock exchange, 2 market experts have selected solid stocks in the mid-cap sector for purchase. In an exclusive conversation with Zee Business Editor-in-Chief Anil Singhvi, market experts Simi Bhowmik and Hemang Jani picked 6 mid-cap stocks to buy.

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Hemang Jani’s choice

Long Term – VRL Logistics

Experts have given a target price of Rs 720 for investors to buy here. Experts have said that this stock can give investors up to 20% upside. This year, the company is expanding its expansion aggressively. Other than that, the company has set a growth target of 20-25%.

Positional – Lemon Tree Hotels Ltd

The experts have selected a solid stock in the hotel sector and advised investors to invest in it. Experts have given a target price of Rs 85 to buy here. This share of the hospitality industry can generate strong returns for investors.

Short Term – Endurance Technologies

The expert said that investors are advised to invest money in the solid business of Auto Ancillary. The expert said that this company has grown not only in the country but also abroad. Here, investors can earn a yield of 29% and have set a target price of Rs 1620.

Simi Bhowmick’s choice

Long term – Bharat Dynamics Ltd (BDL)

According to experts, money can be made in this stock and she has already advised to invest money in it many times. According to experts, the first buy target in this stock is Rs 1030-1050, which can be found in 5-6 months. Apart from this, the second target is Rs 1200. Here it is advisable to put a stop loss of Rs 700.

Positional – Capri Global Capital Ltd

Experts have given a target price of Rs 700 to Rs 800 to buy here. According to experts, investors can invest money here and this stock can give big profits to investors. Here a stop loss of Rs 660 is to be placed.

Short term – HBL Power

Experts have said that this stock can give strong returns to investors. Experts can put a stop loss of Rs 85 here and the first target will be Rs 100 for investors and the second target will be Rs 105.

(Disclaimer: The investment advice here is provided by the brokerage/expert. It is not the opinions of Zee Business. Consult your advisor before investing.)

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