21 from Lagaan: Gayatri Mantra played continuously for six months while filming 'Lagaan', then one day Aamir Khan asked...

The film “Lagaan” by Aamir Khan, popularly known as Mr. Perfectionist, proved to be a milestone in his film career. A village was shown in the film where people were buried under the burden of rent. Its story proved so strong that this film was also nominated for an Oscar. It has been 21 years since the movie was released on June 15, 2001. We have heard many stories related to the movie “Lagaan”. Let us tell you this time a new anecdote related to the movie ‘Lagaan’. Akhilendra Mishra, who played the role of Arjan Lohar in the movie “Lagaan”, tells the readers of “Amar Ujala”.

Akhilendra Mishra says, “The routine while filming Lagaan was amazing. The most wonderful thing was that we used to sit on the bus at six in the morning. The name of this bus was Actors Bus and in this bus the actors of the film went to the shooting location. Aamir Khan himself used to sit together and walk from the hotel to the shooting location. I did a job from day one. In the morning, the Gayatri Mantra tape was given to the bus driver. In the morning, people would sit in the bus and the Gayatri Mantra would unfold. Only Gayatri Mantra used to run in the hotel bus at the filming location. Everyone get ready and sit on the bus but sleep and the bus would go to the filming location and then the Gayatri Mantra would stop and people would get off the bus and have breakfast at the location itself.

Akhilendra says: “The filming of the film “Lagaan” started in January and ended in June. Thus, the shooting of the film lasted six months. When the bus left at six in the morning, it was dark at that time. When filming in January, we also saw the extremes of cold when the temperature went down to minus degrees and we are also filming in June at a temperature of 48 degrees. The shooting of this film lasted six months, but there was never a day when the Gayatri Mantra tape was not played.

So in this routine passengers never talked about Gayatri Mantra? Asked about it, actor Akhilendra Mishra said, “Aamir Khan once asked what was the meaning of this Gayatri Mantra?” I told him as much knowledge as I had on Gayatri Mantra at that time. It was a wonderful thing and it lasted six months. It’s not that after two or four days the Gayatri Mantra tape stopped playing. Sometimes it was late and people would come and say Hey, Gayatri Mantra was not chanted today. People got used to listening to Gayatri Mantra. Champaner de Bhuj where the shooting took place was 29 kilometers away. The Gayatri Mantra tape kept repeating itself over and over.

You can read more stories related to the film ‘Lagaan’ from today to tomorrow night on Amar Ujala.com. You should know that the movie ‘Lagaan’ is a fictional story that tells the story of a village in central India. In the film, the villagers impose a condition to play cricket in order to obtain exemption from rent from the British. The name of this movie is famous all over the world in movies made about cricket. The film also set a new record for winning the National Film Award. Ashutosh Gowariker sat at the forefront of Hindi cinema as the director of this film. The film begins with the voice of Amitabh Bachchan.

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