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  • Strong sales in markets all over the world
  • The market has no domestic support

Stock market crash today: For a few months, the bad days of the Stock Exchange, which were hit by the sale, do not take the name of ending. After ending last week with a steep decline, there are no signs of relief for investors even on Monday. Due to global pressure and other factors, from the start of the session on the first day of the week, BSE Sensex and NSE Nifty fell to the bottom and suffered a loss of more than 2-2%.

Huge drop since pre-opening

Prior to the start of trading today, the market was in huge loss during the pre-opening session itself. Prior to the start of the session, the BSE Sensex was down over 1000 points. Nifty was also down 2% in pre-opening. SGX Nifty also fell sharply in Singapore. From the opening of the session, the decline in the market was further accentuated. The Sensex opened with a drop of 1200 points. As of 9:20 a.m., the Sensex had lost over 53,000 points and was trading with a loss of around 1,400 points. Nifty had also dipped below 15,830 points with a loss of over 380 points.

last week turned out bad

Also earlier on Friday, there was a huge drop in the domestic market. The BSE Sensex fell 1,016.84 points (1.84%) to end at 54,303.44. During trading, the Sensex had fallen 54,205.99 points at one point. NSE Nifty also closed on the same lines at 16,201.80 with a huge loss of 276.30 points (1.68%). On a weekly basis, the Sensex was down 1,233.22 points (2.22%) and the Nifty was down 268.60 points (1.63%).

Investors watch LIC shares

After the long-awaited IPO, the state-owned insurance company LIC is in bad shape on the stock exchange. The company has already suffered a loss of Rs 1.66 lakh crore for its IPO investors. Today, at the start of the trade itself, the price of this stock fell by around 3.15% and went down to below Rs 700. In fact, the lock-in period for primary investors from the IPO trading of LIC comes to an end today. Depending on how its stock has fallen so far, there was already fear that flagship investors would be sold off as soon as the lockdown ended.

Record inflationary pressure in the United States

In today’s business, the domestic market is also under pressure from the decline of the global market. Inflation in America rose again to a near 40-year high. On the other hand, due to rising interest rates, the pace of economic growth is slowing down. For these reasons, there is a possibility of a recession in America soon. Due to these, there was a huge drop in the US market on Friday last week. The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 2.73%, the Nasdaq Composite 3.52% and the S&P 500 2.91%. Today, there are also strong sales in Asian markets. The Japanese Nikkei is trading with a loss of 2.77%. Hong Kong’s Hangseng is down 2.66% and China’s Shanghai Composite is down 1.11%.

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