Don't be sensitive... "Vivaad" by Munawwar Faroo, which will only be released as comedy!

Know the news first…There was a ruckus on social media over a tweet from stand-up comedian Munawwar Farooqui. Munawwar Farooqui is facing public anger over a ‘political joke’ made about pop star Justin Bieber’s illness. In fact, Munawwar Farooqui made a “political joke” on Justin Bieber’s paralyzed face. Farooqui had tweeted that “Dear Justin Bieber, I get it”. Here in India also the right side is not working properly. Let us tell you that the right side of Justin Bieber’s face has become paralyzed due to “Ramsay Hunt Syndrome”.

social media reaction

After this tweet from Munawwar Farooqui, some social media users commented like “Apna, old Munawwar is back”. But, many people didn’t like this Farooqui joke. These users thought that Munawwar Farooqui should not have made fun of someone’s illness. One user wrote that “Playing on someone’s disease shows how stupid you are…this joke doesn’t make you funny”.

Munawwar Farooqui political joke about Justin Bieber's illnessMunawwar Farooqui did what he is known for.

“Sensitive” people won’t understand jokes

Munawwar Farooqui is a comedian. Thus, it is certain that the most important part of their livelihood will be the “jokes”. And, how famous Munawwar Farooqui is for his jokes, it is also not hidden from anyone. It is because of his jokes that Munawwar Farooqui became the star in the eyes of liberals in India. The applause at his jokes is proof that he has mastered comedy. So why don’t users like his joke? In fact, these users should understand that this tweet from Munawwar Farooqui was not intended for “sensitive” people.

An ordinary man becomes sad because of someone’s misery. But, Munawwar Farooqui is neither an ordinary man. And he doesn’t want to be like that either. Because if it was. Thus, Munawwar Farooqui would have known that his suffering cannot be served in the name of comedy. But, in this case, Munawwar Farooqui is a consummate old man. Why do people expect sensitivity from Farooqui, who made jokes about the death of those who burned the Godhra train.

Farooqui is ahead in the mentality game, no joke

Munawwar Farooqui has stopped making fun of Hindu gods and goddesses for now. Because it can affect their livelihood. But, how long can he hide his mentality? His mentality, which targets the right wing in any way, just needs a chance. So why should it be anyone’s misery, Munawwar Faroo who doesn’t care. Because Farooqui’s message reached his fans.

Munawwar Farooqui is not only called the revolutionary face of ‘free speech’. When he was sent to prison for telling jokes in abusive language against Hindu gods and goddesses. Thus, Munawwar Farooqui had established that he had been imprisoned for a joke he had never told. Simply put, Munawwar Farooqui has managed to prove himself a “victim” in the war of narrative fabrication in the past. So Farooqui will use heckling on this tweet in the same way. Due to which he seems to be the victim.

By the way, Munawwar Farooqui is said to be in Khatron Ke Khiladi Season 12. And, they are still not approved for the visa. Munawwar Farooqui, who has always been ready with a “victim card” to be targeted because he is a Muslim, will not hesitate to be a victim in this case either. Well, all that can be said about Munawwar Farooqui is don’t be sensitive… his “Jahalat” will only come out through comedy.

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